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Temperature control appliances for the food, beverage and tobacco industry

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Best quality for unrivalled taste Temperature control appliances for the food, beverage and tobacco industry 100% ATMOSAFE. MADE IN GERMANY. www.memmert.com | www.atmosafe.net

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2 Reliability. Precision. Passion. 100% A % AtmoSAFE. Trust is created by quality assurance. This applies to your products as well as to our temperature control appliances. For this ro reason, y can rely on the fact that, within the entire interior of a , you Memmert incubator, your microbiological cultures are incubated gently me and wi d without any temperature overshoots. Made in Germany. Quality is created by careful selection of ingredients. That’s why we manufacture all components which are vital for the precise temperature control of our incubators, ovens and climate chambers...

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MEMMERT PRODUCTS FOR THE FOOD, BEVERAGE AND TOBACCO INDUSTRY Cooled incubator Microbiology, stability Microbiology, stability Temperature Humidity Drying oven Ageing, drying, conditioning Cleanroom drying oven Ageing, drying, conditioning Sample temperature control Constant climate chamber Climate testing, stability, Stability, conditioning Humidity chamber Stability, conditioning Temperature Humidity Constant climate chamber Plant cultivation Constant climate chamber Temperature Vacuum Vacuum oven Cooled vacuum oven Low-temperature drying, atmosphere simulation

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4 C U LT I VATI O N DETERMIN ATION OF BACT ERIA L COUNT S H OT A IR S T E R I LI S AT I ON Application I and S: A Memmert trio in the beer laboratory INCUBATOR I 32 to 749 litres +30 °C to +80 °C Natural convection or forced air circulation The heating and temperature control in the incubator I were designed specifically for low temperatures from +30 °C to +80 °C. You can be certain that your organic chamber load is incubated most gently and without any temperature overshoots. During the heating process, temperature is increased within a very narrow control range and kept exactly at the...

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C ULT I VAT I ON DET ER MI NAT I ON OF BAC T ER I AL C OUNT S HOT AI R S T E R I L I S AT I O N STERILISER S 32 to 749 litres +30 °C to +250 °C Natural convection or forced air circulation We know how: Precision and optimum temperature distribution The smaller the heating elements in an oven, the more they must be heated up to reach the required temperature in the interior. A standard ring heater with an overall heating element length of one metre will even start to glow, making a gentle and accurate adjustment considerably more difficult to achieve. A Memmert heating oven with a volume of...

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6 C U LT I VATI O N BEL O W RO O M TEMPERAT URE S TA BILIT Y ICE CRE A M MELT DOWN ANALY ZER COMPRESSORCOOLED INCUBATOR ICP 53 | 108 | 256 | 449 | 749 litres -12 °C to +60 °C (ICP 110 - 750) -5 °C to +60 °C (ICP 55) The cooled incubator ICP has a large temperature range and thus covers a wide range of applications in microbiological laboratories. If a large number of samples have to be permanently incubated, you can rely on the maximum utilisation of the chamber. After all, of what use is a large chamber if some levels cannot be used after validation? And if rapid and precise alternation...

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CULTIVATION BELOW ROOM TEMPERATURE /STABILITY /ICE CREAM MELTDOWN ANALYZER 7 Accelerated testing of soya drinks In food containing a lot of water and proteins, such as milk and soya drinks, germs are easily accumu- lated, especially when not refrigerated. Therefore, Alpro soya drinks and desserts are ultra heat treated in Europe's largest and most modern production plant for soya food in accordance with the principle of UHT treatment before sterile filling. During this ultra heat treatment, the products are sterilised for a short time at a temperature of more than +135 °C. To take no...

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8 C O N S TAN T C L I MATE ALTER NAT ING CLIMAT E S TA BILIT Y PH OTOS TAB I LI T Y Application HPP: P: Climate testing of packaging f f for food or tobacco f CONSTANT CLIMATE CHAMBER HPP 108 | 256 | 749 litres 0 °C to +70 °C Humidity 10 to 90 % rh 100% AtmoSAFE! Climate chambers must work reliably and without interruption because a breakdown not only means that the employees cannot enjoy their leisure time but in some cases could threaten an experiment running over months. The Peltier technology of the Memmert HPP constant climate chamber works reliably over many years, enables absolutely...

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CONSTANT CLIMATE / ALTERNATING CLIMATE /STABILITY / P HOTOSTABI LI TY 9 Shelf life test of gelatine Its excellent temperature and humidity homo- geneity positions the climate chamber ICH in the international top league of stability test chambers. Thermal transfer to the interior - whether heat or cold - is guaranteed through a large-area air jacket on four sides. Thanks to its hermetically sealed interior, the ICH does not consume any water once the setpoints have been reached, provided that the door is The model ICH L features an illumination unit with cold white light (standard iIIuminant...

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10 D RY I N G STO RIN G W ARMING LOW T EMPE RAT URE D RYING UNIVERSAL OVEN U 32 to 749 litres +30 °C to +300 °C Natural convection or forced air circulation The success story of Memmert began in the year 1947, with the development of a hot air steriliser for the Red Cross. Today, Memmert heating and drying ovens are an essential part of quality assurance and manufacturing. Since the company’s establishment, an uncompromising philosophy of quality has gone into every new development. Aesthetics and design coupled with unparalleled precision and reliability: corrosion-resistant, easy-to-clean...

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DRY I NG S TOR I NG WAR MI NG LOW T EMPER AT U R E D RY I N G VACUUM OVEN VO 29 | 49 | 101 litres +20 °C to +200 °C Pressure range: 10 to 1100 mbar Drying, storing and conditioning or ageing. The vacuum oven VO handles heat- and oxygen-sensitive substances with incomparable gentleness and care. Thanks to the digital pressure control system, this is done at turbo speed. The ramp programming of temperature and vacuum cycles in combination with direct heating of the shelves enables excellent heating-up and process times, even when fully loaded. By the way, each of the insertable shelves has an...

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