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Pharmacy and medical research

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Pharmacy and medical research 100% ATMOSAFE. MADE IN GERMANY. |

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2 Partner of industry and research Some like it quiet. Protein crystals, for example. In a Memmert Peltiercooled incubator, they can grow at absolutely constant temperatures at almost no vibrations. Everybody asks for reliability. So does the staff of the stability department, who can rely on the fact that no alarm signal will interrupt their wellearned leisure time. Stability samples can be stored in a Memmert climate chamber at unparalleled homogenous temperature and humidity for many years. Not everybody needs the whole range. A biochemist who is looking for a CO2 incubator perfectly...

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MEMMERT PRODUCTS FOR THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY AND MEDICAL RESEARCH 3 Cooled incubator Microbiology, structural biology Temperature test chamber Drying oven Sample preparation and production Paraffin oven Cell biology Storage cooled incubator rooms and at constant temperatures Cell biology Climate chamber Constant climate chamber Climatic test chamber Humidity chamber Constant climate chamber Constant climate chamber Plant cultivation Stability and material tests, photostability Temperature Vacuum Vacuum oven Sample preparation and production Cooled vacuum drying oven Microbiology, cell...

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4 S TA B I L ITY C EL L BIO L O G Y MICROBIOLOGY S T RUCT URA L BIOLOGY The CO2 incubator from a scientific point of view CO2 INCUBATOR INCOmed 108 | 153 | 246 litres +20 °C to +50 °C | 88 - 97 % rh 7 modules for perfect fit Electropolished, seamless welded chamber? Oxygen control? “Celsius” software for programming and documentation? Active humidity control from 40 to 97 % rh? For even more comfort, optimal hygiene and perfect communication and documentation, the basic model of the Memmert CO2 incubator INCOmed can be easily adapted with up to 7 additional modules. Of course, basic models...

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S TAB I LI T Y C ELL B I OLOGY MI C R OB I OLOGY COOLED INCUBATOR ICP INCOmed Certication as a medical device ce ice al Dev Medic 275 1 d IVF an sis he iosynt B The Memmert CO2 incubator INCOmed is classified as a class IIa medical device for in-vitro fertilisation and biosynthesis. The CE label on the appliances includes mark 1275, denoting LGA InterCert GmbH as the notified body. Hardly any field of medicine moves us like reproductive medicine does. In the sterile and highly sophisticated environment of an IVF laboratory, new life is created, making it a matter of course that the quality...

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6 STABILITY / CELL BIOLOGY / MICROBIOLOGY / STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY Excellent controllability, extremely smal control fluctuations, low-vibration operation and impressive energy savings provide the added value from the Peltier technology in the Memmert cooled incubators of the IPP series. In modern food analytics, cosmetics research, cell biology, immunology, pharmacology, bio- analytics or biotechnology, tests and processes must be repeatable and documentable under precisely defined conditions. The Memmert IPP Peltier-cooled incubators operate at high preci- sion, without vibration and in...

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S TAB I LI T Y C ELL B I OLOGY MI C R OB I OLOGY S T R UC TU R A L B I O L O G Y 7 Application ICH: Stability testing of hemp owers Swiss Ai Fame GmbH has succeeded to, for the first time in the world, make the active substances of the cannabis plant water-soluble, and thus more readily processable. Leaves, buds, pollen and seeds of the indoor-cultivated cannabis plants are sold for the production of liqueur or as a stock for pest control in the agricultural sector. GMP was already introduced in the company in 2010, paving the way for the pharmaceutical approval of active substances. The...

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8 S TAB I L I TY P L AN T C U LTI VAT ION BREED ING INS ECT S FIS H BRE EDI NG We know how: Saving energy in the laboratory CONSTANT CLIMATE CHAMBER HPP 108 | 256 | 749 litres 0 °C to +70 °C Humidity 10 to 90 % rh 100% AtmoSAFE! Climate chambers must work reliably for years without interruption. After all, nobody concerned with stability testing wants to receive an emergency call in their well-earned leisure time because there has been an alarm. The Peltier technology applied in the Memmert constant climate chamber HPP not only makes it possible to precisely control the temperature during...

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S TAB I LI T Y PLANT C ULT I VAT I ON B R EEDI NG I NS EC T S FISH BREEDING Application HPP: Breeding zebra sh With the help of zebra sh, the University of Gent does research on genetic causes of diseases of the cardiovascular system such as the arterial tortuosity syndrome, a genetic disease of the connective tissue characterised by torsion and elongation of the arteries. It can lead to severe constrictions of the blood vessels, aneurysms or hyperextensible skin and joints. Apart from that, their research focuses on genetic dysfunctions in connection with the formation of bones and tissue....

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10 S AM PL E P REPARATI O N SAMPLE S TORAGE PROD UCT ION VACUUM OVEN VO 29 | 49 | 101 litres +20 °C to +200 °C Pressure range: 10 mbar to 1100 mbar A gentle force! The vacuum oven VO offers outstanding properties for applications in pharmaceutical formulation and production. Substances sensitive to heat and oxygen are treated gently and carefully, complex machine components are dried residue-free – and all that is achieved very rapidly, since the Memmert vacuum oven VO activates its turbo with its digital pressure control. Thanks to ramp programming of temperature and vacuum cycles in...

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S AMPLE PR EPAR AT I ON S AMPLE S TOR AGE PRODUCTION COOLED VACUUM OVEN VOcool Customisation department as a “development assistant” The Memmert customisation department regards itself as an extension of the customer’s construction and often also R & D department. Both the cooled vacuum drying oven and the meltdown analyser of Certades from Switzerland, a device equipped with cameras and weighing cells documenting the melting behaviour of ice cream, have been conceived by this team. Users with special applications can have tests performed in advance in the Memmert MPTC Test Centre for...

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