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Catalogue excerpts

Electrical Test Instruments 17th Edition MultiFunction Testers Award winning MFT1700 series PAT Testers The efficient PAT400 – Now even faster CAT IV Testers From the ground up – Designed to keep you safe The word ‘Megger’ is a registered trademark

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Introducing a reliable 2-wire non-trip loop test to multifunction testers. See page 4 PAT400 series downloading portable appliance tester A step-change in the speed and usability of PAT testers with on-board asset data storage. testers and proving unit A dependable pair for your tool bag, these testers will help you stay safe. See page 25 Compact tester for planning and proving photovoltaic systems. See page 24. The warranty of many Megger products can be upgraded to three full years free of charge, simply by registering the purchase of the product. So register your product to allow us to offer...

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Keeping you informed Made in UK Every year Megger host hundreds of events nationally, including free seminars. Calibration Days, Breakfast Mornings, Trade Days and technical workshops. As a market leader, we work with local wholesalers and all the Scheme Providers to bring information to the electrical contract industry on the current issues and our ever evolving regulations! In 2012, we have a new series of free seminars planned, along with a host of other activities. To find out what is happening http://bit.ly/meggerukevents . Alternatively, to be kept informed of activities in your area, register...

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Multifunction testers even tougher than its popular It won't go bang when connected across phases, when it gets dropped or bounced, when it's used in the rain, when the wrong range is selected or when accidentally connected to live circuits - even with the test locked on! Dust and rain proof to IP54the MFT1700 series offers CAT IV safety, meaning that you can use it in any environment without a second thought. To make it more convenient, test buttons are located at either end of the tester meaning you can use the hand that is available to initiate testing, or you can use the new CAT IV probe with...

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Usefully the MFT1700 series has test buttons at both ends of the tester, so there is always one to hand. Colour-coded selection knobs make sure you are in full control of Large brightly backlit display shows 2 parameters at a time like loop Carry case has extra space so you can store tools as well as test leads, 2-wire 10 A fused test lead set 3-wire earth electrode test set Solar tester Earth testers

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Multifunction tester with certification software The complete on-site testing kit ■ 2-wire non-trip loop testing ■ Fast 2-wire high current loop testing ■ Continuity and resistance measurement ■ 3 pole earth electrode testing ■ True rms voltage and frequency measurement ■ Test results storage ■ PowerSuite On-site certification software Megger has changed the MFT options on result storage and downloading. The MFT1730 offers you both On-site certificate filling by sending your current result to a storage device, smart- phone, PDA, notebook or laptop there and then on site. Or the ability to store...

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Electrical test kits Megger MTK300 test kits give electrical contractors all they need to perform electrical inspection and testing for single and three phase operations. The kits consist of three instruments, an MIT insulation tester, an LTW 2-wire non-trip earth loop tester and an RCDT residual current device tester, each with batteries fitted, in a smart case, with a full set of test leads and calibration certificates. Three kits are available: MTK310, In a scene reminiscent of a James Bond movie, an aluminium flight case recently came flying from the window of a speeding van on the M69 motorway....

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Comprises the MIT310 insulation and continuity tester which RCD tester. The kit comes complete with test leads, carry and storage case and free calibration certificates. The MIT310 insulation tester and LRCD210 loop and RCD tester will take the bashing that testers receive when they are on site. They are rubber armoured, and have an integral solid lid to Choose the PPK210 Part P kit to certify an installation to Part P of the Building Regulations. The included MIT310 insulation tester provides all required insulation test voltages, enabling testing of SELV and PELV circuits at 250 V d.c. and standard Comprises...

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LRCD series The LRCD200 series is the latest generation of combined non- tripping loop test and RCD test instruments. They provide simple, affordable and flexible test tools for electrical contractors testing energised circuits. The instruments are supplied with a free Megger calibration certificate. ■ Safety interlock to prevent unsafe connection of the test ■ 3 phase safe - even when connected across phases, both you and the tester will remain safe ■ Touch voltage limits and indication Loop test Non tripping loop test Single phase testing Phase to phase testing High current loop test Touch /...

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continuity testers The Megger insulation testers are like no other tester you have used The Megger insulation testers will take the bashing that testers receive when they are on site They are rubber armoured and have an integral solid lid to The lid has a heavy-duty hinge that locks away underneath when in use, making it easy to use and impossible to lose. And you don't need to pull out the test leads to shut the lid. The Megger MIT insulation testers are easy to use and quick There are no buried functions, so it is easy to use these insulation testers. The colour coding helps test selection,...

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Shutter to prevent hazardous lead Handy neck strap for hands free Clear range selector for poor light Double hinge keeps screen free from scratches or swings under to 2 wire test lead set Tough lid prevents damage Remote switched probe with special plug Solar tester Earth testers insulation testers

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continuity testers smallest insulation testers available Both products have a combination of digital readout and analogue display, using Megger's patented DART display technology. The display includes a clear, accurate digital read- out, and an analogue pointer response for evaluating circuit charge and discharge characteristics. The tough ABS instrument housing is designed to withstand the rigours of hard use, whilst small enough to drop into your pocket when not in use. A low battery warning indicator gives advanced warning of exhausted batteries. Special Features ■ Exceptional value for money ■...

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