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SmartSynch's SmartMeter Automatic Meter Reader (AMR) system

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SmartSynch > Inc., serving the elec tric utility industry since 2000, focuses on deli veri ng automati c m e ter readi n g (AMR ) s y st ems that are l i n ked thr o ugh two - w a y commu n i cation arch it ect u re. SmartSy n ch Β s solu t i on en abl e s u t ilit i e s t o qu ick l y i m plement a cost-ef f ec ti ve, real -time mete rin g solution to its most important customers. The plug-a nd-play nature of Sm art M et ers resu lt s in easy in st allat i on an d supports a r a pid deploy ment sc hed u le. In addition, the SmartMeter System > SM is a prov en and rel i ab le solu t i on t h at enables t h e u t il it y t o of f e r a h o st of valu e- added serv ices t o it s commercia l an d in dust rial customers. SmartSync h now has o v er t w ent y major U. S. u t ilit y compan ies as cu st omers. The latest wireless SmartMeter wa s developed on the Elster A3 ALPH A > meter Ö the prototype o f which was completed in Februa ry of 2002. Power sup p ly size, life and cost were key challenges faced b y the co mpa n y i n creati n g thi s new wi reless meter reader. Lead Acid batte ries had been th e original power source, but their life expectancy of onl y t h re e to fi ve ye ars was undesirab l e, as were their relat i ve heaviness a n d the cos t ly batt ery replacement process. Le akage was also an issue in some instances. > A3 SmartM e t e r inte g r atin g Elste r s A3 AL P H AҮ me te r wi th SmartSynchs SmartMeter modul e Maxw el l T e ch nol o gi es, I n c. Maxw el l T e ch nol o gi es S A 9244 Bal b oa Ave nue, San Di ego, CA 92123 CH1728 R o s s e ns U n i t e d S t at es S w i t ze r l an d Phone: +1- 8 5 8 - 503- 3300 Phone: +41 ( ) 26 411 85 00 F a x: +1- 858- 5 03- 3301 F a x: +41 ( ) 2 6 411 8 5 05 ҩ Maxwell T e chnolog i es, I n c. | www. m | info@ m m | size="-2">

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The company needed a power supply that wo ul d effecti v el y run i n t e rnal components at a general l y consta nt rate, bu t on e th at coul d al so handl e the power peaks demanded by the unit s wireless connectiv ity Җ something tha t s h ar ply reduces the l i f e of most batteri es. SmartSync h al so n eeded to fi nd a p o wer source tha t coul d withstand o p erating temperatures ranging fro m 40C to +80аC, extr emes of which also reduce the operating performance an d lif e of batt erie s, and can c a use degradation in their pac k aging. D u r in g t h e compan y s in v e st igat...

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By using Maxwell Technologies BOOSTCAP ultracapacitors in the SmartMeter, instead of more traditional energy sources such as Lithium Ion or Lead Acid batteries, the life expectancy of the power supply in the SmartMeter is extended to over ten years Җ representing a one hundred to three hundred percent improvement over lead acid batteries. The six PC10s in each unit are also lighter and smaller, and facilitate a simpler design-in process due to the components configuration, which allows them to be mounted flat on the board. SmartSynch realized an overall cost savings of over two hundred...

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