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SCS750® - Single Board Computer, PowerPC

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SCS750 SCS750® SUPER COMPUTER FOR SPACE TM Super Computer for Space SCS750F® FLIGHT MODULE Overview of Specifications • OEO One board upset every 100 years in a GEO or EO O LEO Orbit • Up to 1000X Better Performance Than Current Space Processor Boards • Highest Space-Qualified Performance @1800 MIPS • Demonstrated Radiation Tolerance The SCS750 single board computer is Maxwell’s answer to the space industry’s need for high-performance computing and on-board data processing while providing excellent reliability/upset immunity. There is a trend to perform data management and manipulation on the spacecraft, which requires a large amount of processing power. This next generation super computer will enable future satellite designs to dramatically increase error-free, on-board data processing, mission planning and critical decision-making. - Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) Processors - Actel RTAX-S Radiation Tolerant FPGAs - RAD-PAK® & RAD-STAKTM Packaged Memories • Triple Modular Redundant Processing • Advanced Error Corrected SDRAM • Ultimate Upgradeability • Software Selectable Power Consumption from 7-25 watts typical • Standard Development Platform – Compatible The SCS750 has been designed to operate in a cPCI system targeting high performance computing and memory for the most demanding space applications. Its design decisions have been driven by a guarantee of the highest reliability and performance. Maxwell has developed a comprehensive radiation mitigation strategy to provide total dose hardness, latchup immunity and upset error mitigation for the SCS750. with IBM's PowerPC750TM Maxwell's SCS750 has become the benchmark of which all future space processor boards will be measured. Page of 5 | Doc. # 1004741 | Rev. 7 | F AFFP

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SCS750 Enhanced Features 3.3V 2.5V I/O Regulator JTAG/PowerPC ICE UART0 (LVDS/RS422) 3.3V 2.5V - PPC I/O Voltages DC/DC FPGA Core Inject PPC Errors (3) CPU Error (3) Voltage Sense Output DC/DC Converter PPC 750FX Set Voltage UART(0/1) - 2 channel (LVDS/RS422) 80 MHz Oscillator Actel RT-AXS SEU Immune FPGA 60X Master 40MHz Clock Distribution Bus Snooping Memory Controllers, SDRAM Interface Double Device Timers (3), Interrupts, DMA (3), UART's (2) Correction ReedSolomon Watchdog Timer Mission Timer EEPROM Interface PCI PCI SEC/DED EDAC Master Target FPGA Silicon Expl. WD_DISABLE# Up to 800MHz...

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SCS750 Triple Redundant Processing Triple Redundant Processing TMR Processor SEU Flush • Detects upset • Flushes µProcessors memory into main memory • Tri-states upset µProcessor TMR Processor Restore • Scrubs memory contents • Restores memory back into µProcessors • Resynchronizes all three µProcessors into lockstep Flushes and Restores in 1ms! | Doc. # 1004741 | Rev. 7 | Page of 5 MICROELECTRONICS SCS750

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Spcecifications SCS750 Technical Specifications • OUEEO One Board upset Every 100 Years in LEO or GEO Orbit O • TID: > 100 krad (Si) - Orbit dependent • SEL (th): > 80 MeV-cm2/mg - All parts except SDRAM ≈ 50 MeV-cm2/mg - SDRAM Processors (3) Fully TMR Protected Processors • PowerPC 750FXTM on Silicon on Insulator (SOI), 0.13um • 2.32 Dhrystone MIPS/MHz • > 1800 Dhrystone MIPS @ 800MHz • 400 to 800MHz - Software Selectable Core Clock Ratessor Cache L1 cache • 32 KByte Instruction with Parity • 32 KByte Data with Parity L2 cache • 512 KByte on-chip with ECC @ CPU Core Clock Rate memory...

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