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DATASHEET 125V HEAVY TRANSPORTATION MODULES FEATURES AND BENEFITS TYPICAL APPLICATIONS CAN bus digital monitoring and communications Highest power performance available Over 1,000,000 duty cycles Temperature and voltage monitoring Ultra-low resistance Buses Electric trains and trolleys Heavy duty transportation Cranes, RTGS Utility vehicles Mining equipment PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS ELECTRICAL Rated Capacitance BMOD0063 P125 BX8 63 F 1 Minimum Capacitance, initial Maximum ESR DC, initial 63 F 1 18 mΩ 1 Rated Voltage Absolute Maximum Voltage 125 V 136 V 15 Maximum Continuous Current (ΔT = 15 C) o 140 ARMS 2 Maximum Continuous Current (ΔT = 40oC)2 240 ARMS Maximum Peak Current, 1 second (non repetitive) 1,800 A Leakage Current, maximum (VMS 2.0) 10 mA Maximum Series Voltage 1,500 V 3 4 TEMPERATURE Operating Temperature (Ambient temperature) Minimum -40oC Maximum 65oC Storage Temperature (Stored uncharged) Minimum -40oC Maximum 70oC Page 1 Document number: 1014696.6

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DATASHEET 125V HEAVY TRANSPORTATION MODULES PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS (Cont’d) PHYSICAL Mass, typical BMOD0063 P125 BX8 60.5 kg 13 Power Terminals Radsok Recommended Torque - Terminal N/A Vibration Specification ISO16750-3 Table 14 Shock Specification SAE J2464 Environmental Protection IP65 Cooling Forced Air MONITORING / CELL VOLTAGE MANAGEMENT Temperature Interface Serial Data (CAN) Cell Voltage Monitoring Group Voltage (CAN) Connector Deutsch DTM Cell Voltage Management VMS 2.0 POWER & ENERGY Usable Specific Power, Pd5 1,700 W/kg Impedance Match Specific Power, Pmax Specific Energy, Emax 6...

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DATASHEET 125V HEAVY TRANSPORTATION MODULES PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS (Cont’d) BMOD0063 P125 BX8 SAFETY Short Circuit Current, typical 6,900 A (Current possible with short circuit from rated voltage. Do not use as an operating current.) Factory High-Pot Test14 4,000 V DC RoHS eMark 72/245/EEC UN10.03 Certifications TYPICAL CHARACTERISTICS THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS Thermal Resistance (Rma, Modulel Case to Ambient), typical 0.01oC/W Thermal Resistance (Rca, All Cell Cases to Ambient), typical 0.04oC/W Thermal Capacitance (Cth), typical 2 33,370 J/oC ESR AND CAPACITANCE VS TEMPERATURE 180%...

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DATASHEET 125V HEAVY TRANSPORTATION MODULES NOTES 1. Capacitance and ESRDC measured at 25°C per Document Number 1007239 available at 2. Per Maxwell Document 1007239 available at ½ CV 3. Maximum Peak current (1 sec) = C x ESRDC + 1 4. After 72 hours at 25°C and rated voltage. Initial leakage current can be higher. 0.12V2 5. Per IEC 62391-2, Pd = ESR x mass DC V2 6. Pmax = 4 x ESRDC x mass 7. Emax = ½ CV2 3,600 x mass MOUNTING RECOMMENDATIONS Please refer to the user manual for installation recommendations. Page 4 Document number: 1014696.6 8....

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DATASHEET 125V HEAVY TRANSPORTATION MODULES BMOD0063 P125 BX8 Part Description L (±0.5mm) Dimensions (mm) W (±0.2mm) H (±0.7mm) Package Quantity 813 425 313 1 BMOD0063 P125 BX8 Product dimensions are for reference only unless otherwise identified. Product dimensions and specifications may change without notice. Please contact Maxwell Technologies directly for any technical specifications critical to application. All products featured on this datasheet are covered by the following U.S. patents and their respective foreign counterparts. Patent information can be found at Page...

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DATASHEET 125V HEAVY TRANSPORTATION MODULES ORDERING INFORMATION Base Module BMOD0063 P125 BX8 63F/125V e-mark Module with CAN Communication Standard Accessories Included with Base Module 109090 Junction Box Kit 109131 Kit, Power Connection, 90 Degree 109133 Kit, CAN Communications Signal Connector 129201 Kit, Fan, SPAL, 24V, e-Mark 129136 Kit, Vibration Damper Optional Accessories and Spares Kits 109131 Kit, Power Connection, 90 Degree 109132 Kit, Power Connection, Straight 109133 Kit, CAN Communications Signal Connector 129036 Fan Kit, SPAL, 24V, e-Mark (for use without Vibration Damper...

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