BOOSTCAP® Energy and Power MC Series (16V and 48V) - 13 Pages

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BOOSTCAP® Energy and Power MC Series (16V and 48V)

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The 16 V and 48 V series energy storage modules are self-contained energy storage devices comprised of either six or eighteen individual ultracapacitor cells respectively. The modules include bus bar connections, and integral active balance or voltage management circuitry. Units may be connected in series to obtain higher operating voltages, parallel to provide additional energy storage, or a combination of series/parallel arrangements for higher voltages and energy. There is a voltage management circuit that functions primarily to protect every cell from operating in a damaging over...

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3.1 Mechanical Modules are mountable and may be operated in any orientation. Two mounting surfaces are available on the modules over 200F, one at the top and the other at the bottom surface. These top and bottom plates are designed to support the module with no additional mechanical contact. See data sheet for available mounting locations. The BMOD110 only have the ability to be mounted from one side that is with the bottom down to the mounting surface. Each module is provided with an M5 threaded vent hole on the front panel. The module is shipped from the factory with a screw threaded into...

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3.2.1 Output Terminal Posts The output terminals of the module consist of internally threaded aluminum posts. Maximum thread depth is 15 mm . They are designed to connect directly to a ring lug or a bus bar. Apply a layer of anti-oxidant joint compound (high conductivity aluminum-aluminum. For example, Noalox Anti-Oxidant Compound available from IDEAL is a viable choice. There are many other vendors that supply equivalent compounds.) between the mating surfaces. The positive terminal is threaded for M8 x 1.25 steel bolts. The negative terminal is threaded for M10 x 1.5 steel bolts. Wave...

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Figure 2 Series Connection of 48V Modules Figure 3 ֖ Parallel Connection of 48V Modules User Manual 16 V and 48 V Modules ֖ Doc. No. 1008491.8 2008 Maxwell Technologies, Inc. > ɮ Page 4 >

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Figure 4 Series Connection of 16V Modules Figure 5 ֖ Parallel Connection of 16V Modules > User Manual 16 V and 48 V Modules ֖ Doc. No. 1008491.8 2008 Maxwell Technologies, Inc. > ɮ Page 5 >

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3.2.3 Logic outputs There is a single open collector logic output for voltage monitoring available for use as an optional feature. This output will indicate if any cell in the module has gone into an over voltage condition. In addition, the output of the NTC thermistor is also available for module temperature monitoring. The over voltage signal and temperature signal are available via the connector supplied with the module. Note: The passive version of the BMOD0500 only provides the output of the NTC thermistor for temperature monitor signal. There is no voltage monitoring signal in this...

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Fig. 6 Typical connection to the monitor cable. (Users to verify values based on their circuit design) User Manual ֖ 16 V and 48 V Modules Doc. No. 1008491.8 ֩ 2008 Maxwell Technologies, Inc. > Page 7 >

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The following accessories are provided with modules within the accessory kit. 1 x Users manual à 1 x 4 wire monitor cable. Used for voltage output and temperature monitoring 1 x Hex head cap, M10x16, Zinc plated screw à 1 x Hex head cap, M8x16, Zinc plated screw 1 x SRTG6 Ö Misumi, Barbed coupler. Optional item providing venting capability. > Module should only be operated within specified voltage and temperature ratings. Determine whether current limiting is necessary on input/output based on current ratings of ancillary devices. Observe polarity indicated on module. Reverse polarity...

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User Manual 16 V and 48 V Modules ֖ Doc. No. 1008491.8 2008 Maxwell Technologies, Inc. > ɮ Page 10 >

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