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BOOSTCAP® Energy and Power BC Series (15V)

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for Maxwell Technologies BOOSTCAP ή Ultracapacitors Integration Kit for: All Maxwell Technologies > î BOOSTCAP > Ultracapacitor Cells > Ω 2007 Maxwell Technologies, Inc. 1011158.3 size="-2">

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This integration kit is intended to provide all the necessary hardware and instructions to interconnect 2, 4 or 6 series connected ultracapacitors. This kit includes printed circuit boards (PCBs) with voltage management circuitry, buss bars, washers and retaining nuts. For optimal implementation, we recommend to use an even number of cells with this kit. Each individual cell voltage is monitored by the voltage management circuitry, which protects each cell from entering an over voltage condition. If any cell does experience an over voltage condition, an LED will illuminate and the active...

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3.2 Assembling connections Notes: For optimal implementation, we only support and recommend the use of an even number of cells with this kit. These instructions show the assembly of six cells connected in series. 3.2.1 Place a buss bar over the threaded terminal at one end of the first pair of cells (Figure 2, A, B) with antioxidant facing towards capacitor. Note the polarity of the terminals of each cell, e.g. in Figure 2, A: positive terminal, B: negative terminal. > Figure 2 3.2.2 Place a wave washer over each threaded terminal on top of buss bar. (Figure 3, A, B) Note: For optimal...

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3.2.5 Turn the cells around so that the threaded terminals opposite to terminals A - F are facing you. Place buss bars over the middle pairs of threaded terminals (marked H, I, J and K in Figure 6), with antioxidant facing towards capacitor. > Figure 6 3.2.6 Place ⅛ inch thick lugs attached to power cables (1/0 AWG cables shown in Figure 7) over the remaining two threaded terminals of the cells at the ends of the series and a washer over each lug. (Figure 7, G and L). It is important to use a lug plus an aluminum washer that together have a minimum combined thickness of ⅛ inch. This...

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3.2.7 Place a voltage management board over each pair of threaded terminals as shown in Figure 8, with the printed circuit board components facing away from the capacitor. Make sure that the buss bar and power cable connections are below the voltage management board. > Figure 8 3.2.8 Note: The voltage management board is polarized. J1 on the board is positive; J3 is negative . Ensure correct polarities of capacitor terminal and voltage management board are connected. (Figure 9) > Figure 9 User Manual Integration Kit ֖ Doc. No. 1011158.3 2007 Maxwell Technologies, Inc. ɮ Page 4 size="-2">

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3.2.9 Place a wave washer over each threaded terminal on top of voltage management boards. (G L, Figure 10) > Figure 10 3.2.10 Thread a nut onto each threaded terminals and hand tighten. (G ֖ L, Figure 11) > Figure 11 3.2.11 The 22 AWG wire attached to the voltage management board must be riveted in place with the provided rivet to the buss bar that spans the same two cells as the printed circuit board (M, N and O, Figure 12). Those two cells are protected by that one board. E.g.: the wire on the voltage management board spanning terminals G and H in Figure 11 is connected to the rivet on...

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3.2.12 Trim the rivets as per standard riveting procedure. 3.2.13 Torque each connection to 14 Nm. 3.2.14 Wipe off any excess joint compound. 3.2.15 Repeat the steps above, until every cell is serially connected. > Additional items not included in the integration kit but necessary for installation are: 1) Antioxidant high conductivity joint compound specified for aluminum-aluminum connections and lead free solder 2) Torque wrench capable applying 14 Nm torque to the nut. > No additional requirements for operation. > Voltage management circuitry does not prevent an individual capacitor or...

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Maxwell Technologies Asia Rm.2104, Suncome Liauw's Plaza 738 Shang Cheng Road, Pudong New Area Shanghai 200120, P.R. China Tel: +86-21-5836-5733 Fax: +86-21-5836-5620 Asia Pacific Office > European Office Maxwell Technologies SA CH1728 Rossens, Switzerland Phone: +41-(0)26-411-85-00 Fax: +41-(0)26-411-85-05 US Office & Worldwide Headquarters Maxwell Technologies Inc. 9244 Balboa Avenue San Diego, CA 92123, USA Phone: +1-858-503-3300 USA Free call: 1-877-511-4324 Fax: +1-858-503-3301 > Disclaimer of Warranty/Limitation of Liability for Uses in Life Support Devices or Critical Systems Maxwell...

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