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Enabling Energy’s Future™ FEATURES AND BENEFITS • Rated voltage of 24V and capacitance of 9F • High performance module with low ESR • Designed with compact and light-weight package • Long lifetimes with up to 500,000 duty cycles* • Passive cell balancing Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +65°C Storage Temperature Range -40°C to +70°C (Stored without charge) Projected DC Life at Room Temperature 10 years Rated Voltage, VR Surge Voltage1 Rated Capacitance, C3 Min. / Max. Capacitance, Initial Typical Capacitance, Initial2,3 Rated (Max.) ESRDC, Initial3 Typical ESRDC, Initial2’3 Typical Leakage Current4 Maximum Peak Current, Non-repetitive5 PHYSICAL LIFE* DC Life at High Temperature (At rated voltage and 65°C, EOL9) Projected Cycle Life at Room Temperature7 (Constant current charge-discharge from VR to 1/2Vr at 25°C, EOL9) Nominal Mass Output Terminals 2 x AWG16 wires (positive / negative) Shelf Life (Stored uncharged at 25°C) UMU / MONITORING Insulation Coordination Cell Balancing Passive single cell balancing RoHS REACH, UL 810A (Cell Level) POWER & ENERGY Over-Voltage Monitoring Voltage check pin SAFETY Certifications 0.72 Wh 1.7 Wh/kg 1.2 kW/kg 2.5 kW/kg Maximum Stored Energy, E 6,8 Gravimetric Specific Energy6 Usable Specific Power6 Impedance Match Specific Power6 ‘Results may vary. Additional terms and conditions, including the limited warranty, apply at the time of purchase. See the warranty details for applicable operating and use requirements. Page 1 Document number: 3001967-EN.2 maxwell.com

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Datasheet: 24V 9F ULTRACAPACITOR MODULE 1. Surge Voltage Absolute maximum voltage, non-repetitive. Duration not to exceed 1 second. “Typical” values represent mean values of production sample. Rated Capacitance & ESRDC (measure method) • Capacitance: Constant current charge with 1A to VR, 5 min hold at VR, constant current discharge with 1A to 2.2V. • ESRDC: Constant current charge with 1A to VR, 5 min hold at VR, constant current discharge with (40 * C * VR[mA]) to 2.2V. e.g. in case of 24V 9F module, discharge with 40 * 9 * 24 = 8,640 mA. Maximum Peak Current • Current needed to discharge...

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