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FEATURES AND BENEFITS* 16V DC working voltage Resistive cell balancing Compact, light weight package Screw terminals TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Wind turbine pitch control Small UPS systems PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS ELECTRICAL BMOD0058 E016 B02 Rated Capacitance1 Minimum Capacitance, initial1 Maximum Capacitance, initial1 Maximum ESR DC initial1 Test Current for Capacitance and ESRDC1 Rated Voltage Absolute Maximum Voltage2 Absolute Maximum Current Leakage Current at 25°C, maximum3 Maximum Series Voltage Capacitance of Individual Cells9 Maximum Stored Energy, Individual Cell9 Number of Cells TEMPERATURE Operating Temperature (Cell Case Temperature) Minimum Maximum Storage Temperature (Stored Uncharged) Minimum Maximum *Results may vary. Additional terms and conditions, including the limited warranty, apply at the time of purchase. See the warranty details for applicable operating and use requirements. Page 1 Document number: 1015371.6 maxwell.com

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PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS (Cont'd)PHYSICAL BMOD0058 E016 B02 Mass, typical Power Terminals Recommended Torque - Terminal Vibration Specification Shock Specification Environmental Protection Cooling MONITORING / CELL VOLTAGE MANAGEMENT Internal Temperature Sensor Temperature Interface Cell Voltage Monitoring Connector Cell Voltage Management POWER & ENERGY Usable Specific Power, Pd4 Impedance Match Specific Power, Pmax5 Specific Energy, Emax6 Stored Ene^ Estored7,9 0.63 kg M5 Thread 4 Nm IEC60068-2-6 IEC60068-2-27, -29 IP54 Natural Convection N/A N/A N/A N/A Passive 2,200 W/kg 4,600 W/kg 3.3...

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TYPICAL CHARACTERISTICS THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS BMOD0058 E016 B02 Thermal Resistance (Rca All Cell Cases to Ambient), typical8 Thermal Capacitance (Cth), typical Maximum Continuous Current (AT = 15oC)8 Maximum Continuous Current (AT = 40oC)8 DC Life at High Temperature1 (held continuously at Rated Voltage and Maximum Operating Temperature) Capacitance Change (% decrease from minimum initial value) ESR Change (% increase from maximum initial value) Projected DC Life at 25°C1 (held continuously at Rated Voltage) Capacitance Change (% decrease from minimum initial value) ESR Change (% increase...

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1. Capacitance and ESRDC measured at 25°C using specified test current per waveform below. 2. Absolute maximum voltage, non-repeated. Not to exceed 1 second. 3. After 72 hours at rated voltage. Initial leakage current can be higher. 0.12 V2 9. Per United Nations material classification UN3499, all Maxwell ultracapacitors have less than 10 Wh capacity to meet the requirements of Special Provisions 361. Both individual ultracapacitors and modules composed of those ultracapacitors shipped by Maxwell can be transported without being treated as dangerous goods (hazardous materials) under...

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16V SMALL CELL MODULE 4 Part Description Rte de Montena 65 CH-1728 Rossens Switzerland Product dimensions are for reference only unless otherwise 02 identified. Product dimensions and specifications may change without notice. BMOD0058 03 Please contact Maxwell Technologies directly for any technical specifications critical to application. All products featured on this datasheet are covered by the following 04 Delivery condition: Cleaned and degreased part Depart. Visa DATE Modif.: Sheet U.S. patentsthird persons or reproduction even in part, 6643119, 7295423, 7342770, 7352558, 7384433,...

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