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MAV - standard series - 36 Pages

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MAV - standard series

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Shrink disc Mini Series Rigid Couplings

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company We are an Italian company world renowned for our creativity and ethics. Established in 1989 we have rapidly built a reputation for professional, reliable and comprehensive service and our extensive product range. We are located in Bosentino in Northern Italy, at the foot of the Dolomites, one of the most beautiful areas of the Alps. mission Just as our products connect mechanical components in motion technology our purpose is to unite our partners with their goals, feelings, wishes - emotions. We aim to raise the standards in our industry in conjuntion with customers and suppliers...

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Shaft-Hub Connections: Traditional Methods Shaft-Hub Connections: The MAV System MAV Locking Assemblies: main characteristics Applications Information MAV 1061 - 1062 MAV 2005 MAV 3003 MAV 4061 MAV 1008 MAV 5061 MAV 6901 - 6902 MAV 6002 MAV 6903 MAV 1261 Installation instructions Technical Support This catalogue contains complete information for the MAV Locking Assemblies Standard Series. The following pages will help you to nd the perfect solution for your application. Should you require assistance with an application, please feel free to contact MAV technical support. Our engineers will...

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Shaft-Hub Connections Traditional Methods Fig.1: shaft failure due to fatigue crack (heat treated steel C45) Keyway and splined locking systems show important disadvantages, in particular under overload and frequent torque reversal conditions. Connected parts undergo micro movements which cause them damage. The notch of keyway seat is a stress concentrator which reduces the fatigue strength. The gures show some fatigue failures fractographs of notched shafts (courtesy of ASM International, Metals Handbook, vol 9). Keyways and splines are eliminated by forced t systems (pressing, heating),...

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Shaft-Hub Connections The MAV System The MAV Locking Devices meet both the advantages of forced t systems and simplied installation-removal. It is based on the wedge principle: the axial load of the screws generates through the tapers a high radial force that locks the parts by friction. The main features of MAV Locking Devices are: · shaft - locking device - hub tolerances are sufcient for easy mounting and correct positioning high manufacturing precision permits close geometrical tolerances, leading to a well balanced coupling, also for high speed conditions high pressures let high torque...

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main characteristics

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The following series are produced by MAV, but are not included in this catalogue. Furthermore, MAV is specialized in the design and manufacturing of special and customized solutions, even in small batches. For technical features, please visit our website or call +39 0461 845151 or fax +39 0461 845150

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Steel mill gear connected with special MAV 7061 Lever arm connected with MAV 1061 Pulley connected with MAV 2005 Conveyor pulley connected with MAV 4061 Clay mill hub connected with two MAV 1008 LOCKING ASSEMBLIES

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Selection MAV frictional locking assemblies provide a keyless, zero backlash connection between shaft and hub, like gears, pulleys, cams, levers, rotors and many others. MAV units are well suited to transmit torque, thrust loads, bending moments and radial loads, separately or simultaneously. Performances listed in this catalogue are calculated without safety factor. The user must consider the specic safety factor, which depends on each application. The following criteria are used for selection of the right unit. The selection should be also based on other specic requirements, like...

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Radial load Radial loads are usually associated with pin or axle connections. They apply perpendicular to the centerline of the shaft. The radial load generates a contact pressure Prad, according to: Prad where d = shaft diameter Ls = shaft – locking assembly contact length Prad is added and subtracted to the contact pressure Ps provided by locking assembly on the shaft. It must be: where Rp0.2 = yield point of shaft material (Ps + Prad) < Rp0.2 (Ps - Prad) > 0 Fitting several units arranged in series In applications where two or more units are installed in series, the total torque capacity...

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In case of solid shaft, the material yield point must be greater than shaft contact pressure Ps. In case of hollow shaft, the resistance must be calculated by considering the shaft as a thick walled cylinder, stressed by external pressure Ps. Hub verication is based on the maximum tangential stress, applied to hub bore. The minimum hub outer diameter Dem is calculated as follows: where D = locking assembly outer diameter (hub bore diameter) Rp0.2 = yield point of hub material C = stress reduction factor (see g. 1) For a quick calculation, use table 2 which provides the ratio Dem/D. Dem / D...

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If the hub has a different conguration, consider the most similar shape or the worst condition. Our Technical Dept. is at your disposal for technical assistance. Stress reduction factor C valid for all series B < 1.5xH 1.5xH < B < 2xH 1 0.8 Self-centering and self-locking units SELF-CENTERING units provide an excellent centering of the connection. Concentricity and perpendicularity range from 0.02 mm to 0.05 mm. Self-centering characteristic depends on length and taper angle, manufacturing process and proper installation. If the locking assembly is not self-centering, a pre-centering hub...

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LOCKING ASSEMBLIES Standard Series Medium capacity Self-centering, self-locking Fixed axial hub position during tightening (MAV 1061 only) Single taper design Tolerances: shaft h8; hub bore H8 Surface nish of shaft and hub bore Ra < 3.2 μm Application examples Simultaneous connection of chain sprocket and conveyor pulley

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Slotted inner ring, with integrated push-off threads Slotted outer ring Set of socket head cap screws, grade 12.9 Components ents outer ring inner ring screws Code: Ma: screws tightening torque Mt: transmissible torque with Fax=O kN Fax: transmissible axial load with Mt=O Nm Ps: contact pressure on shaft Ph: contact pressure in hub bore LOCKING ASSEMBLIES Standard Series

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