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FA7TM Flanschausrichter - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

HYDRAULIC LONG WING FLANGE ALIGNMENT TOOL ALIGNING FORCE: 10,000psi (700bar) 9T (90kN) TOOL WEIGHT: FA7TELW Tool c/w 5T Hydraulic Cylinder 10,000 psi (700 bar) Hydraulic Hose, 2m(78.75”) 10,000 psi (700 bar) HP350S Sealed Hand Pump with Gauge Instruction Manual Carry-Case Ratchet & Strap MINIMUM AND MAXIMUM FLANGE SIZES Dimension A: Dimension D: Dimension E:

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FA7TELW HYDRAULIC LONG WING FLANGE ALIGNMENT TOOL Tool HP350S Hand Pump Hydraulic Hose Carry-Case GROSS KIT WEIGHT PARTS LIST Description Main Body Front Roller Pin Rear Roller Rear Roller Pin Needle Bearing Circlip OD 40.0 Leg Screw Leg Screw Extension Spiral Clip Buckle Round Base Pad Profile C/Sunk Screw M6 x 14 Socket Set Screw M5 Drop Leg Knob Sticker Logo for Wing Spiral Clip Spring Pin 5 x 36 Ratchet Strap Ratchet Plastic Insert M8 Spring Plunger Release Knob Wing (Long) Adjusting Sleeve 5T Cylinder Body Sticker (L) Body Sticker (R) Logo for Boss

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