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MKI BWM - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

SINTERED WIRE CLOTH LAMINATES TWM™ five-layer filter media, BWM™ comprises five specially chosen weave types laminated together and high strength. BWM™ characteristics from the flow distribution and structural support layers. These layers are progressively larger aperture plain square weave meshes. Since their apertures are significantly greater than the filtration layer, and they progress in size, the possibility of particulate entrapment in them is completely eliminated. Thus, particles finer than the filtration layer readily pass through BWM™ is manufactured to a final thickness of 2.41 mm (0.095"); if a thicker plate is required, additional layers of support mesh can easily be added. In addition to being pre-coat compatible, the barrier-type filtration design means that contaminants are collected on the surface of the filter, providing high filtration accuracy and unsurpassed clean-ability via on- stream backwashing. Unlike depth-type filtration media such as sintered powder or fiber (which suffer internal clogging and reduced permeability), the long-term reusability of BWM™ media means lower replacement costs and less downtime for your process, even in the most demanding applications. High strength, high permeability and high cleaning efficiency make BWM™ an excellent choice for manual and self-discharging pressure Nutsche filters, filter tubes used in back- wash/back-pulse applications, and applications where fine levels of filtration and low pressure • Chemical • Oils • Pharmaceutical • Water • Food/Beverage • Steam • Viscous Liquids • Gases Email: dynapore@mkicorp.com

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AVAILABLE SIZES: AVAILABLE ALLOYS • Other alloys available upon special order (Monel, Hastelloy, Inconel) Close up (coarse side) of MKI BWM 'S^^^g^ BWM™ media is made from multiple layers of diffusion-bonded wire cloth designed i 2« A specifically to provide unique combinations of strength and accurate levels of filtration. BWM™ media is constructed from precisely woven wire cloth layers that are designed 4k /M and arranged to provide the desired filtration characteristics and performance. The f material is typically 304L or 316L stainless steel, although other special alloys may be substituted...

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