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Catalogue excerpts

MANUVIT is specialised in the design and production of small and medium-sized handling equipment, in particular Factory and headquarters : B.P 6 . Z.I. Beauregard Rue des Peupliers F-61600 La Ferté Macé Tel. : + Telecopy : +33 "variable geometry" systems. Sales and accounting department : B.P 123 . P – 2, rue de l’Industrie .A. F-89303 Joigny Cedex Tel. : + Telecopy : + systems to provide original solutions to the multiple problems France contact : Export contact : Website : By our special variable-width concept, our equipment adapts to the dimensions of the loads handled and allows the user to pick up the load directly off the ground, thus avoiding any unnecessary effort. With more than 30 years experience in the industry, MANUVIT has developed a wide range of ergonomic involved in handling. Our values at MANUVIT : • Always extend an open ear to our customers to propose solutions best suited to our customers’ needs and compliant with Health and Safety standards. • Match up industrial performance with safety, while improving work conditions. • Propose ergonomic solutions which keep the user in mind. • Constantly innovate new creative solutions. • Seek to make our equipment as versatile as possible. MANUVIT‘s customer base includes "prominent" customers across all sectors of industry including pharmaceuticals, chemistry, petrochemistry, the food industry, aerospace, as well as banks, insurance, government agencies, hospitals, movers… Export dealers : contact us GB

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bottle trolley Bottle trolley with winch Model with strap Bottle trolley with winch Model with brackets Gas bottle attachment on a stacker TRANS1000 for heavy load transport Lifting table with pivoting platform and rollers Special TRANS1000 with cradle attachment Adjustable width possible up to 5 metres LEV300 with counterweight, special forks LEV300 "fourniture" with cradles

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BOXES LEV600 ADJUSTABLE WIDTH PALVIT ADJUSTABLE WIDTH LEV600 with sliding-plate forks LEV600 with manual box-turner "Roto-Bac" Powered drive PAL-VIT duplex lift height unit LEV300 fixed unit with platform LEV300 adjustable width with sliding-plate forks ADJUSTABLE WIDTH LEV300 with wrap over forks

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PALVIT ADJUSTABLE WIDTH Roll handling forks Hinged forks with V-blocks and pivoting jib-crane Roto-Bobine roll turner attachment on powered drive PAL-VIT duplex lift height unit Special pivoting cradle for rolls on powered drive PAL-VIT duplex lift height unit Roto-Touret cable drum turner ADJUSTABLE WIDTH Vertical core clamp gripper unit Roll clamp LEV600 with jib-crane and roll clamp Boom roll lifter Boom with roller and V-platform LEV100 with roll turner Roll gripping forks with pivoting sleeves Roll boom

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drums LEV600 ADJUSTABLE WIDTH Roto-Fut mixing device 360° rotation Vir-Fut drum turner on LEV600 Roto-Fut on LEV600 with antislide brackets for plastic drums GR300 with central clamp drum lifter Vir-Fut drum turner attachment for forklift trucks Drum trolley “ROUL-FUT” with winch Drum trolley “ROULFUT” without winch Automatic drum clamp Roto-Vit drum turner Roto-Fut drum turner forklift attachment Roto-Fut drum turner for overhead crane hoists

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Square tube forks Long forks type PAL-VIT length 1150 mm Roll gripping forks with pivoting sleeves Pivoting jib-crane Sliding plate forks Adjustable width platform Roll turner Hinged forks Central drum clamp on LEV600 Sliding plates in inverted position Hinged forks with V-blocks Boom with pivoting V-platform Double fork mounted drum clamps Stainless-steel Roto-Fut drum turner Wrap over forks Roll handling forks Fixed or hinged boom Roto-Fut with antislide brackets

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