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DSP6001 High Speed Programmable Controller - 6 Pages

Data Sheet
DSP6001 High-Speed Programmable
Dynamometer Controller
• Two Channels: Enable the unit to support up to
two testing instruments with independent or tandem
• Built-in Alarm System: For power, speed, torque,
temperature, air flow, water flow, electrical overload
and external inputs
• Torque/Speed Analog Outputs: For interface with a
data acquisition system or strip chart recorder
• Interfaces: RS-232 and IEEE-488
• High Speed Data Acquisition: 120 torque and speed
points per second via IEEE bus (approx. 60/sec. via
• High Quality, Easy-to-Read Vacuum Fluorescent
Readout: Displays torque, speed, power, auxiliary and
PID (proportional gain, integral and derivative) values
• Fast Full-Curve Data Acquisition: Free-run to
locked rotor in seconds
• Speed & Torque Operating Modes: Provide
independent PID settings for improved Dynamometer
• Built-in Current-Regulated Supply: For use with
Hysteresis Dynamometer only
• Adjustable Torque Units: English, Metric and SI are
• Dynamometer Overload Protection
• Digital Filter: Removes undesired noise from torque
• Cross Loop Function: Allows closed loop control of
brake via torque transducer
• Programmable Digital PID Values: Controlled and
stored via M-Test Software or controlled manually
• Saving: Saves programmed values within
• Auxiliary ± 10 V DC Analog Input: For additional
• Single or Multi-point Torque and Speed Stabilized
Testing: Via M-TEST 5.0 Software
• Closed Box Calibration
• Rack Mounting: 19" (482.6 mm) with handles
Magtrol’s Model DSP6001 High Speed Programmable
Dynamometer Controller employs state-of-the-art Digital
Signal Processing Technology to provide superior motor testing
capabilities. Designed for use with any Magtrol Hysteresis,
Eddy-Current or Powder Dynamometer, Magtrol In-Line
Torque Transducer or auxiliary instrumentation, the DSP6001
can provide complete PC control via the IEEE-488 or RS-232
interface. With 120 readings per second, the DSP6001 is ideally
suited for both the test lab and the production line.
In the laboratory, the DSP6001’s high sample rate provides
superior resolution for data acquisition and curve plotting.
This allows for capturing more usable motor test data during
switching, breakdown and other transitional areas of the
motor test curve. For production and incoming inspection,
the DSP6001 displays torque, speed and power at all times,
allowing the Controller to be used as a manual stand alone
unit or as part of a complete PC system.
Motor Testing Software
Magtrol’s M-TEST 5.0 Software (sold separately) is a stateof-
the-art motor testing program for Windows®-based data
acquisition. Used with the Magtrol DSP6001 Controller,
Magtrol M-TEST 5.0 Software provides the control of any
Magtrol Dynamometer and runs test sequences in a manner
best suited to the overall accuracy and efficiency of the Magtrol
Motor Test System. The data that is generated by Magtrol’s
Motor Testing Software can be stored, displayed and printed
in tabular or graphic formats, and can be easily imported into
a spreadsheet.
Written in LabVIEW™, M-TEST 5.0 has the flexibility to
test a majority of motor types in a variety of ways. Because
of LabVIEW’s versatility, obtaining data from other sources
(e.g. thermocouples), controlling motor power and providing
audio/visual indicators is relatively easy.
Magtrol’s M-TEST 5.0 Software is ideal for simulating loads,
cycling the unit under test and motor ramping. Because it is
easy to gather data and duplicate tests, the software is ideal
for use in engineering labs, production testing and incoming/
outgoing inspection.

DSP6001 High Speed Programmable Controller
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    DSP6001MAGTROLSpecificationsFront PanelRear PanelSet Desired Power Units(W, kW or Hp)Set Desired Torque Units(, oz.ft.,, lb.ft.,,,...
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    DSP6001MAGTROLSystem ConfigurationsMotorUnderTestOPTIONAL:±10 voltsTSC2 only14-pin connectorpin 13 = compin 14 = signalAuxiliary InputDYNAMOMETER...
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    DSP6001Due to the continual development of our products, we reserve the right to modify specifications without forewarning.www.magtrol.comMagtrol Inc70...
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