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How to find us: Magnetbau Schramme GmbH & Co. KG Zur Ziegelhtte 1 D- 88693 Deggenhausertal Phone +49 (0) 7555/9286-0 Fax +49 (0) 7555/9286-30 Moving. Holding. Switching. Regulating.

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Schramme: Exprience for more than 30 years! Since 1975 we have been successfully developing and produ-cing electromagnets. Over the course of time, proportional solenoids, linear sole-noids, holding solenoids and clutches of all designs types and for special applications have been developed. The Schramme Company has extraordinary competency in the area of proportional solenoids for hydraulic and pneumatic valves. We are the market-leader in this segment. For decades, we have proven to be a reliable partner for automotive suppliers as well as for many other sectors in the industry and in medical...

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What we can do for you An electrical signal is supposed to move something? Schramme electromagnets and solenoids, with their various design versions, are predestined exactly for this purpose. Don't get held up with the physical details of electromagnetism or mechatronics. Allow us to switch in and regulate, what we do best, for you.. Schramme offers you the whole package, from a single source. Development and dimensioning/rating of the optimal electro- magnet and solenoid: + Proportional solenoids for regulating + Stroke and holding-solenoid systems for switching, holding and moving + Electromagnetic...

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Why Magnetbau Schramme? We move a lot for you: Our developers, quality management, production and sales staff are professionals, with many years of experience in the trade. This is competency that you will feel. We hold what we promise: Reliability is a Schramme-product of experienced developers, perfect technology (3-D CAD, simulation; exemplary, computer-aided processes) and systematic quality (ISO/TS 16949:2009 and DIN EN ISO 9001:2008). The result: You always get exactly what you demand. We swiftly switch-in, for you: Swiftness is a success factor, that we actively implement both in research...

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Our products are your success Keeping up all of your promises, certainly requires you to move. To regulate the development of the electromagnet or solenoid that you need - based on tried-and-tested series or on customized specialty magnets, we switch in our complete competency. Moving Linear Solenoid | Reversing Linear Solenoid | Double-proportional Solenoid | Miniature Solenoid Holding Electrical Holding Magnet | Electromagnetic Clutch Switching Pinch Valve | Control Valves | Control Solenoids | Control Magnets | Spreader Solenoid | Brake Magnet Regulating Proportional Solenoid | Proportional...

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l D-88693 Deggenhausertal ide in Germany 8 036 A59/118 100 %ED Amp Our exprience is your benefit + Schramme moves a lot - in many diffrent branches and sectors. Profit from our specialty knowledge and experience gained through countless applications, which is readily available for you. We'll switch on our own, experienced specialists for you, who will regulate even the most difficult requirements. Our customers can rely on us in all of the following areas: Automotive industry (automotive hydraulics, motor and transmis驭sion control, pneumatic systems for commercial vehicles,...

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