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MADGE TECH WE BUILD DATA LOGGERS RUGGED TRANSIENT PRESSURE DATA LOGGER Software selectable trigger modes Programmable start time 32 sample pre-trigger buffer Water hammer Process control systems Lubrication systems Chemical processing Pressure reducing valves Waste water treatment paradox: you need to capture transient events at a high sample rate but the events of interest are erratically spread over a long period of time. The PRTranslOOO is the pressure recorder to solve your problems. It samples up to 100Hz (10ms) but it will only trigger on pressure limits that you set beforehand. You can start the trigger on high and/or low thresholds and end the trigger after either a chosen number of samples, or when the signal crosses over your stop threshold. The device can record up to 255 events and take as many as 262,143 pressure samples. The recorder also shows up to 32 samples of "pre- trigger" data so you might learn what caused the trigger in the first place. The PRTranslOOO is a battery operated unit with a standard 1/4" NPT for easy coupling to your pressure systems. It is also completely submersible and the stainless steel sensor can measure the pressure of most common fluids and gasses. The non-volatile memory will retain your valuable data even if the user-replaceable battery becomes discharged. The PRTransI 000: your solution to the transient pressure problem. I MadgeTech - [Composite Graph] /jl File Edit View Communication Device Graph Window Help Summary Composite Graph | Graph | Data | MadgeTech Data Recorder Software displays pressure data in an easy to use graph. The Windows®-based software package allows the user to effortlessly collect, display and analyze data. A variety of powerful tools allow you to examine, export, and print professional looking data with just a click of the mouse. Click MadgeTech Software for more information or to 879 Maple Street • Contoocook, NH 03229

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Pressure Sensor: Pressure Range: Pressure Resolution: Calibrated Accuracy: Pressure Response Time: Trigger Modes: Start Modes: Real Time Recording: Pre-trigger size: Semiconductor strain gauge 1/4" male NPT or fully submersible Software programmable window size or bi-level start/stop triggers. Software programmable immediate start or delay start up to seven days in May be used with PC to monitor and record data in real time Reading Interval: Calibration Date: Battery Type: Battery Life: Shelf Life: Data Format: Computer Interface: Operating Environment: 1 reading every 1 0ms to 1 every second Digital...

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