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m1 series resistance welding power supply - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Precision Micro Welding Solutions Compact DC Resistance Welding Power Supplies The m1 series is a compact, lightweight resistance welding power supply range that blends leading edge power technology with affordable pricing. The range offers high speed closed loop adaptive feedback control with embedded monitoring, making it the ideal tool for a wide range of joining applications where quality is crucial. The m1-10 unit offers precision linear technology for low current applications. The m1-40 uses a hybrid fast response twin loop HFDC system for higher current application All m1 series products feature : ü Very high speed closed loop output control for consistent welding process definition and control. Constant Current, Voltage and Power modes with programmable double pulse combinations. Advanced component conditioning functions. Simple to use, intuitive menu. Compact, high performance and low cost Single phase 95VAC to 265VAC operation Built in graphical process monitoring with Pass/Fail limit checking and trend plotting/data logging. Programmable part & weld checking. m1-10 : 1000 Amp Precision Linear DC Welding power supply A versatile Linear supply for precision joining below 1000 Amps Typical Applications m1-10 product features l Gold ribbon welding Micro circuit welding Solar cell assembly Sensor and component welding Detonator and bridge wire welding Precision control, ultra fast response for low current applications Ideal replacement for MCW-550 & Unibond™® systems m1-40 : 4000 Amp Hybrid HFDC Welding power supply A high power HFDC based supply for conductive component Typical Applications m1-40 product features l Battery and battery pack assembly Miniature contact welding Automotive electronics Wire and lead termination Lamp manufacture Conductive material welding Short high current pulse capability for conductive material joining. Ideal replacement for capacitor discharge equipment Hybrid HFDC for very fast response

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Precision Micro Welding Solutions m1 Standard Specifications Standard Features Maximum Output Current (A) Maximum Output Voltage at Full Load Maximum Output Power Duty Cycle at: - 4000 Amps - 3000 Amps - 2000 Amps - 1000 Amps - 500 Amps Control Modes Output Accuracy 1000 Amps DC 5 V DC at maximum current 5 KW 4000 Amps DC 4 V DC at maximum current 16 kW 10ms / second 50ms / second Current, voltage and power ± 1% of set value or ± 1 Amp 5ms / second 20 ms / second 30 ms / second 70 ms / second 95 – 260 VAC Single phase Options: RS232, RS422/485, CAN 95 – 260 VAC Single phase Options: RS232, RS422/485,...

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