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Consider your many choices . . . . * Versatile System Components SEALING HEADS: • 30 inch/760 mm hot-bar sealer • 29 inch/735 mm impulse sealer • 54 inch/1370 mm hot-bar sealer • 53 inch/1345 mm impulse sealer • 61-1/2 inch/1560 mm hot-bar sealer • 60-1/2 inch/1535 mm impulse sealer • 60-1/2 inch/1535 mm high-energy impulse sealer Note: All hot-bar sealers are also available with a Cool-Edge option, for sensitive lms. HEAD MOUNTS: • Basic 20º/90º head mount • Joystick pneumatically adjustable head mount • 20º/90º adapter for Joystick head mount 30 inch/760 mm sealing heads Adjustable product support trays VACUUM PUMPS: • Air driven pump • 7 cfm/12 cmh water-ring pump • 10 cfm/14 cmh dry-vane pump • 13 cfm/22 cmh water-ring pump • 21 cfm/29 cmh dry-vane pump • 28 cfm/40 cmh oiled-vane pump • 35 cfm/50 cmh dry-vane pump • 38 cfm/60 cmh water-ring pump VACUUM FILTERS: • Particle lters • Small bottle lter, no element • Small bottle lter, with element • Large bottle lter, no element • Large bottle lter, with element • Stainless steel canister lter, no element • Stainless steel canister lter, with element GAS PROCESSING: • Gas accumulator tank • Integral 2 gas mixer, high ow • Integral 3 gas mixer, standard ow Note: All mixers are also available for external installation. All mixers integrate with the Mark III ’s low-gas warning system. Locking, stainless steel castors Both hot-bar and impulse sealing heads available. ACCESSORIES: • Bag clips • Bag holder • Bag stretchers • Vacuum bag grippers • Box guide • Product support tray • Locking, stainless steel castors • Bag coder/imprinter • Machine cover M-TEK, INC • 1175 Jansen Farm Court • Elgin, Illinois 60123, USA • 847.741.3500 Fax: 847.741.3569 • • Versatile Modied Atmosphere Packaging Machines

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A versatile way to build precisely the machine for you. Bulk bins– Choose a Roll-Around or Suspended model. M-TEK’s patented process for horizontal packages provides faster cycles, optimal gas balance. Gas accumulator tanks 611/2 inch/1560 mm sealing heads Bag clips Flexible, open-faced Teon® vacuum probes–easy to clean, less vulnerable to blockage. 54 inch/1370 mm sealing heads Joystick head mounts Large bottle lters Canister lters *See reverse side for a complete list Adjustable stainless steel feet Internal gas mixers Clean exterior-vacuum pump, valves, controls packaged safely inside. All...

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