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Modified Atmosphere Packaging (M.A.P.), sometimes called Controlled Vacuum Packaged, is at the heart of everything M-Tek stands for. We preserve and protect and extend the shelf life of your products. Whether it is individual bags, lined cases, bulk-bin, totes, Gaylords, barrel, or super-sacks, M-Tek has a proven solution. Two hand controls, bag stretchers, and casters as shown are optional. Conveyor shown is for display purposes only. POULTRY | BEEF & PORK | PREPARED MEATS | CHEESE | PRODUCE & FRESH-CUT | FISH | NUTS | POWDERS | ORGANICS | INDUSTRIAL

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100% stainless steel and FSMA, FDA, & USDA compliant. Optional Always ready for wash-down as we build-to IP69 specifications Seal bars available include either 30,54, and 62-inch lengths Vacuum pump oroptional liquid-ring and venturi Hot-bar or impulse sealing Bag-stretcher option to insure wrinkle free bags One oroptional two hand controls Flexible probes reduces damage and extends life A variety of language options on oursimple to understand Floor mount, optional casters, or unit can hang over conveyor. Vacuum and gas flush cases - extends shelf life of proteins Vacuum followed by dual gas flush...

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