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HIGH-SPEED MAP PACKAGING WITH MINIMAL LABOR The latest innovation to the MarkIII Corr-Vac® family of Modified Atmosphere Packaging machines, the Mark-III HSP, is a significant improvement in efficiency by way of labor reduction. Now one person can run (3) Mark-III units. Filled cases arrive via infeed belt, they’re detected and positioned under one of three Mark-III units. The operator simply takes the bag, positions it onto bag-stretchers, presses the two-hand controls, then proceeds to the next station. The Mark-III HSP then ­automatically draws out the air with a vacuum pump followed by injecting a determined amount of inert gas, seals the bag, ­discharges the case down to an outfeed belt, and the cycle repeats as it brings in the next case to be MAP packaged. POULTRY | BEEF & PORK | PREPARED MEATS | CHEESE | PRODUCE & FRESH-CUT | FISH | NUTS | POWDERS | ORGANICS | INDUSTRIAL

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Features • 100% stainless steel and FSMA, FDA, & USDA compliant. Optional 3A dairy-grade • Always ready for wash-down as we build-to IP69 specifications assuring IP67 compliance • Standard stainless steel seal bar is warp resistant, assuring higher quality seals and longer life. Available in 30, 54, and 62-inch lengths • Vacuum pump standard and assures repeatable operation • Hot-bar or impulse sealing • Bag-stretchers to insure wrinkle free bags • One person can run three (3) Mark III units • Flexible vacuum/gas probes reduce damage and extend life • A variety of language options on our simple...

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