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Catalogue excerpts

Industrial Vision Systems High Level Inspection Deep Cleaning of Air Ducts

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Foreword The question to us at Neovision was "Can you develop a solution for cleaning ducts using the dry ice blasting method". A straightforward question with no easy answer and the sort of challenge that we could apply our design, innovation and significant technological insight to craft a solution. The project required a lot of research to adapt our substantial experience in machine vision, industrial automation, robotics and special purpose built machinery to achieve the end result, Jetty. We created the prototype that had many new and previously unseen technologies and solutions that work...

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Features: • Harness the power and properties of Dry Ice blasting technology • Robust and sturdy construction for the harshest of environments • Suitable for all duct shapes, horizontal, vertical ascent & decent • Full control and safety provided by comprehensive remote panel • High quality HD real time video inspection, recording & playback • Adjustable nozzle rotation with programmable rotation planning • Three to six individual micro processor controlled traction units • Compelling results without detergents or toxic chemical agents Benefits: • Clean effectively in areas previously uncleaned...

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Robot Specification The Jetty robot is a uniquely designed belt robot. It cleans and inspects air-conditioning ducts, kitchen and industrial air vents, air-conditioning vents or any spaces where cleaning is strenuous or impossible without dismantling. The latest generation’s design takes advantage of the experience gained from the earlier models. It stands out by virtue of its improved utility, greater resistance, higher efficiency and easier handling. High Efficiency The robot’s construction allows the use of dry ice blast cleaning technology. Using dry ice blasting enables the removal of heavy...

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Technical Parameters Minimum duct diameter Maximum duct diameter (standard configuration) Maximum duct diameter (with added extensions) Maximum locomotion speed Robot service weight (excluding the supply hose and cable) Switchboard power supply Duct shapes Circular, rectangular, S-shaped and vertical Industrial colour digital camera resolution Total angle of video coverage Live video view frame speed Recorded video view frame speed Large LCD control panel monitor Control panel suitcase dirt & water resistance Software features overview • Custom built full screen software application Plan and apply...

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Cleaning Process The cleaning process is simple to set up. Once you unpack Jetty and set the required configuration including nozzle and extensions, you connect it to the compressor, dry ice blasting machine and control panel. It will be necessary to set up the airflow and arrange collection point or points. Jetty is then inserted into the duct using an inspection window or duct cap after removing the cap. In the interest of safety it is necessary to ensure good access to the ducts so there should be provision for a mobile platform, scaffold or footbridge where required. Supply of the Cleaning...

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Jetty Cleaning System Cleaning Robot (basic setting for round ducts) Control Panel + essential accessories (robot–switchboard controlling cable, panel–switchboard controlling cable, etc.) Blasting Machine (with hose and controlling cable) Compressor (with a least 2 hoses)

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Dry Ice Blasting Dry ice blasting is in some ways similar to sand blasting, plastic bead blasting, or soda blasting where a medium is accelerated in a pressurized air stream to impact a surface to be cleaned or prepared. However there are no similarities in the outcomes and results, dry ice is gentle offering excellent results without abrasion, here’s the science. Instead of using hard abrasive media to impact and damage a surface, the dry ice blasting method uses soft solid frozen carbon dioxide (CO2), accelerated to high velocity which collides with the target surface. Harnessing the power of...

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Industrial Vision Systems Contamination before cleaning Heavy dust from rubber industry Immaculate after cleaning All removed very quickly Same result for rectangular ducts Furnace ash with resistant layer of tar

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Our service & support We have a pool of experts who are ready to offer advice and assistance in any situation ranging from basic robot operation through to more challenging troubleshooting and maintenance. We can resolve issues with a ready supply of parts available for fast shipment and this forms an integral part of our warranty and continues into the post warranty period. There are design features which will often allow Jetty to continue to work while we organise your solution and dispatch the required part. We are happy to locate a Jetty Robot for one off inspection and cleaning applications...

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Service and Maintenance Service and maintenance representatives are ready to react to any customer inquiry to deliver solutions in as short a time as is possible. Online assistance with telephone support allows the client to discuss their needs without delay and the team to be able to respond in the event of unforeseen difficulty, with advice for the possibility to continue or express delivery of the required part or parts. We have a maintenance schedule that would see Jetty refurbished every five years. These refurbishments would include update any developments and will ready your Jetty for the...

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Czech Republic Company Registration VAT Registration: The company is registered in the Commercial Register at the Municipal Court of Prague, Section C, Entry No. 42536. About Neovision Neovision, s. r. o. is a private Czech company founded in 1995. Neovision specializes in machine vision systems for high accuracy measurements, quality inspections, and robot navigation, including robots for laser welding. Neovision delivers machine vision systems for integration into production lines and third party devices, as well as full-fledged single purpose machines with machine vision systems and robotized...

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