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Catalogue excerpts


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We at M PLAST, feel honoured to have led the rotational moulding revolution in the subcontinent. Over the past 25 years, we have dedicated ourselves towards providing our esteemed customers with services and equipments of unmatched value. With customers in over 40 countries and more than 250 installations over the years, we have gained a deep insight into industry’s requirements. We believe that rotational moulding is not just a process, but a means to serve the society with products of unmatched value. Hence we are committed towards building efficient solutions, pushing the boundaries of the...

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Rotational Moulding Rotational Moulding has literally reshaped the entire plastics industry. Without it, neither would we have many of the products we have today, nor would we enjoy the quality, durability, and versatility we have come to expect from plastic products. The Process: There are four steps in the rotomoulding process: simultaneously rotated around two axes in two perpendicular planes. During the heating cycle the polymer melts, fuses and then takes on the shape of the mould. the mould cavity, mould is moved into the cooling chamber where is it cooled by air. finished part is removed....

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Being the most common type of rotational moulding machine, ROTAPLAS Turret Machine is an ideal machine to produce different parts with similar working cycle times at high production rates. Three Arm Turret Machine Standard features of ROTAPLAS Turrent machines Turret ♦ SturdyandMostReliableDesign. ♦ Choice of Three Arm/Four Arm Models. ♦ ChoiceofStraight/OffsetArms. ♦ Three/Four direct drives interchangeable arms. ♦ Direct drive geared motor for indexing mechanism with variable speed frequency convertor having dynamic braking, Acceleration/deceleration features to reduce shock & accurate positioning. ♦...

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Optional Features ♦ Microprocessor based Machine Control with operator Interface terminal. ♦ Microprocessor based Machine Conrol with industrial workstation (Industrial PC). Cooling Chamber ♦ Semi-Enclosed cooling chambercovered with aluminium sheets. ♦ Automatically timed cooling cycle utilising forced air. ♦ Highvolume-coolingfans. ♦ High Efficiency cooling chamber exhaust fan. THREE ARM TURRET MACHINE *Approx Dimensions in mm * Dimensions are subject to change without prior notice for approval of buyer

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ROTAPLAS STAR Independent Arm Machine Ideally suited for products with different cycle times, this machine allows to choose optimal processing parameters for multiple productions of different articles, different materials and different thicknesses. Suitable for multi layer products. forward / reverse, programmed, controlled independently. This has all the standard features as described in our can be used as an additional cooling station. The machine has capability of complete segregation of heating and cooling times from one arm to another. The built in programmability provides This Machines is...

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Typical Working Cycle Available up to 6 stations for maximum flexibility. Depending on the customer requirements, the work stations Technical Data INDEPENDENT ARMS MACHINE MODEL NO. Dimensions in mm * Dimensions are subject to change without prior notice for approval of buyer

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Two Sided Shuttle Machine ( Station #1 ) ROTAPLAS® Shuttle Machines Ideally suited for production of large parts of different cycle times, ROTAPLAS Shuttle Machine has an added advantage of lesser floor space requirement. Possible configuration with 1 or 2 carriages, with central oven and two stations on either sides for cooling/loading/unloading. The same arm can do two consecutive cycles, while the other is either waiting or is being serviced. Technical Data Computerised and automatic operation, independent of time and temperature settings for each arm, and therefore for each mould or combination...

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Rocking Oven Rock 'n' Roll Machine The machine is most suitable for manufacturing very large products (upto 15 meters) such as: ♦ Boats & Kayaks ♦ LargediameterPipes ♦ Section Water Tanks ♦ Porta Cabins ♦ Vehicle Bodies ♦ Car Sheds ♦ Grain storage tanks ♦ Marina Systems Standard Features • Sturdy and reliable design. • Double skin stainless stell construction oven. • Fail safe burner control. • Direct drive geared motors. • Variable speed A.C. drive having auto reversible facility. ♦ Hydraulicpowerpackforrocking& other movement having proportional control valve gas/Air injection facility. ♦ Microprocessor...

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Ancillary EquipmentsMPU Series Pulverisers The polymer pellets must be reduced to a much smaller particle size, for which we recommend our MPU Series of Pulverisers. This is necessary to obtain good heat transfer from the mould to the powder. It also improves the flow of the particles during melting M PLAST Pulverizers are designed to meet the most demanding requirements and conform to the highest engineering standard.These Pulverizers are meant for tough and reliable operation round the clock. All Rotating members are dynamically balanced for long trouble-free performance. The MPU Series Pulverizers...

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Turbo Mixer Turbo Mixer is suitable for mixing polymers and other ingredients. It consists of Stainless Steel Vessel, Mixing Tool, a Pneumatic discharge control cabinet and other accessories. SPECIFICATIONS: MIXING VESSEL: fabricated from 6 mm thick plate, top cover lid is fabricated having various bearing housing on sturdy frame of fabricated steel structure. BEARING HOUSING: vessel housing main device shaft with two nos. of ball bearings. Resin leakage to bearing is prevented by mechanical rotary shaft seal and gasket. MIXING TOOL: Four/Six blades of stainless steel dynamically balanced to avoid...

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The quality and the tolerances on a rotationally moulded part are dependent upon the quality and precision incorporated into the mould. Selection of type of rotational mould is hence critical. It may depend on the size, shape and surface finish of the piece to be moulded, as well as the number of moulds made for a particular piece. Since very little pressure is exerted in the rotomoulding process the cost of a rotational mould is less in comparison to injection or blow moulds. Types of Rotational Moulds Sheet Metal Fabricated CNC Machined CNC Machined cum Fabricated Cast Aluminium Typical Sheet...

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