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Dynamic Signal Analyzer - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

SO Analyzer Noise and Vibration Measurement, Analysis and Reporting

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has developed a dynamic signal analyzer that takes full advantage of the constant improvements in hardware and software technologies. It is the perfect choice for accurate and efficient noise and vibration measurements, third-party data import/export, data analysis and reporting of your results in a single package. A multitude of measurement and analysis software modules covers the widest range of applications in today‘s dynamic signal analysis (DSA): • Real-time FFT and time history data acquisition (throughput to disc) • Structural analysis including - Modal analysis - Single/Multiple Degree...

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Ease of use was one of the key objectives when developing the Therefore the SO Analyzer has a Microsoft Windows like user simplifi es the integration into your company‘s network system. setups from multiple sources can be stored into one common or multiple workspaces that also allow creation of substructures different data views or analyze data sets. Drag & drop operation exchange data quickly between workspaces, thus enabling simple complex data structures to be saved as one project. The SO Analyzer software provides you with comprehensive browsing, viewing, editing, analysing and reporting data....

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The SO Analyzer enables the engineer to manage large sets of noise and vibration test data and analysis results regardless of origin, format or location. For ease of use, you do real-time data acquisition, import third-party N+V data formats, analyse the results and create your reports within a common user interface. SO Analyzer is made up of three core modules for General Data Acquisition, Central Management & Reporting and General Data Analysis. All optional modules for advanced noise and vibration applications are used in combination with these three core modules. The General Data Acquisition...

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e-Reporter is the powerful data management and reporting tool within the SO Analyzer. It provides test engineers with comprehensive capabilities for browsing and viewing data, copying & pasting data to ActiveX applications, importing test data from many third-party N+V systems and automating repetitive tasks. This full functionality is available without any measurement frontend connected. • Central management, analysis and reporting of all noise and vibration data • Browse, view, rescale, analyze, calculate, organize measurement and mode shape results • Data import/export from/to many popular...

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specific needs, adding the solutions you require when you need them. SO Analyzer supports a full range of optional modules covering various noise and vibration measurement and analysis applications. These optional modules are used together with the three core modules for data acquisition, analysis and reporting. The structural dynamics package provides a complete set of tools for observing, analysing and documenting the vibrational behaviour of machines and mechanical structures. It includes modules for advanced modal analysis, guided impact hammer testing, MIMO acquisition as well as for ODS,...

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Environmental Vibration Testing Noise is increasingly the subject of new regulations for the protection of human health and safety as well as for improving the environment in general. SO Analyzer provides a comprehensive range of applications from basic 1/3 octave spectrum analysis to the latest human factor analysis for sound engineering, product refi nement and comparative product ranking. It serves as a real-time acoustic analyzer for fractional octave analysis according to ANSI S1.4 and IEC 60651 type 1. The online sound intensity measurement module uses a standard dual microphone intensity...

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m+p international’s SO Analyzer is the next generation of dynamic signal analyzers for professional noise and vibration applications in the fi eld and in the laboratory. Thanks to its exceptional fl exibility, the SO Analyzer supports a full range of frontends from ultra-portable USB to PCI/PXI and highchannel count VXIbus for measurements from 4 to hundreds of input channels. Just choose your measurement frontend, combine it with your preferred computer platform and select the SO Analyzer software tailored to your requirements. Within a single software package, you perform real-time data acquisition,...

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