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Morse 811 Portable Band Saw Blades Catalog - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

PORTABLE BAND SAW BLADES DESIGNED, RESEARCHED and DEVELOPED to be PORTABLE BAND EVER! New Morse 811 HIGH PERFORMANCE BIMETAL PORTABLE BAND SAW BLADES from Morse deliver EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE and the MOST CUTS PER BLADE in the market Number of cuts made in 1/4" x 1" stainless steel bar stock. Failure at 60+ second cut time New Morse 811 portable band saw blades vs. Lenox portable band saw blades in laboratory cutting tests. Check Out Our Video on Youf?H^ I istered trademarks of Irwin Industrial Tool Company.

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One Morse 811 blade replaces the need for blades from 8/12 through 18 TPI Less time changing blades and less inventory UNIVERSAL BLADE Quick, clean cuts in a variety of materials Cuts everything you do with ONE BLADE Reduced tooth strippage, increased weld contact area More pieces, in more materials FAST CUTTING Larger tooth spacing, unique rake angle More pieces cut in less time makes you more productive

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