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NCT-Extruder - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

NCT-Extruder for Plastics Processing innovative | co-rotating conical twin screw Extruder versatile | recycling, profiles, films, pipes efficient | high throughput, excellent added value

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02 MAS / NCT-EXTRUDER Plastics Processing with New Conical Technology (NCT) From flake to pellets ... ... from regrind to value added pellets convenient | the operation NCT-Extruders by MAS are equipped either with conventional control technology or an industrial PC In both cases, operation is simple and convenient. The industrial PC has a high-quality visual display system with a touch screen, control panel and remote maintenance function, as well as electrical integration of downstream equipment such as the granulating head, extrusion tools, calibration, extraction, etc. innovative | the technology...

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MAS / NCT-EXTRUDER 03 Extremely compact and robust: NCT 55 Extruder

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compact | the design Clearly laid out | Touch screen controlling system Easy to operate interface controlling system even in sophisticated applications. Based on an industrial PC M 600Mhz it offers a wide range of advantages like overview, different setting pages, productiontrend analysis, quality check, different operator levels, recipes, etc. NCT 55 Extruder machine design Opening for material infeed Efficient oil/air heat exchanger Low-maintenance vacuum unit Frequency-controlled AG drive Robust transfer gearbox Generously-sized control cabinet Variable degasification unit Liquid cooling system...

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MAS / NCT-EXTRUDER 05 conical | the plasticizing unit individual | the configuration The screw assembly of the NCT-Extruder consists of a feeder and an extractor screw. Each of them is manufactured from one piece and available in a number of different pitches and number of flights. In between are mixing and shearing parts which can be designed to suit the customer’s specific requirements. The barrel zones are equipped with heating trays and liquid cooling. The threepart barrel can also be assembled according to needs (with/without degasification, position of degasification openings, etc.). Exchangeable...

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06 MAS / NCT-EXTRUDER perfected | the mechanism Thanks to innovative mechanics, NCT-Extruders by MAS are particularly robust, long-lived and easy to maintain. The conical design of the screw causes low mechanical stress in the screw shaft, even at extremely high torques. The large shaft-centre distances in the intake enable the use of maximum-sized drive shafts. The back-thrust bearings are also well-dimensioned. The compact design of the NCT-Extruder results in a very short overall length. optimised | the performance The excellent process engineering characteristics of NCT-Extruders are achieved...

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MAS / NCT-EXTRUDER 07 well-founded | our expertise Over 40 years of experience in plastics machinery construction (especially in the extrusion sector) and a 30 year history in recycling are reflected in the development of NCT-Extruders by MAS. Our experienced team will optimally adapt the components to your process engineering requirements. professional | our service Extensive advisory, planning and project management services are key elements of the MAS service portfolio – for fast change over of your production system. In addition, the process is backed up by test runs at the MAS Technology...

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M-A-S Maschinen- und Anlagenbau Schulz GmbH A-4055 Pucking, Hobelweg 1 Telefon: 0043/7229/78 999-11 Fax: 0043/7229/78 999-10 info@mas-austria.com www.mas-austria.com www.querkraft.biz

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