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Ship Cranes Types CBW, CBB and Special Cranes - 20 Pages

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Ship Cranes Types CBW, CBB and Special Cranes

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Ship Cranes Types CBW, CBB and Special Cranes

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Liebherr Ship Cranes Liebherr looks back on a long tradition of ship cranes. The family business has been supplying the shipping industry with a broad variety of crane types since 1958. The philosophy has remained unchanged since then – mastering key technologies and keeping core competencies in-house. Competence Liebherr’s vertical range of manufacture is unique in the ship crane business. Thanks to an unrivalled high level of in-house production, modern manufacturing facilities and highest quality standards Liebherr is more than adequately equipped to meet customer requirements in the...

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CBB Series The heavy lift cranes in the CBB series excel through their superior control system Litronic®. This system uniquely masters the most important criteria of modern cargo handling – precision, speed and safety. Special Cranes Tailor-made solutions for special requirements. The combination of outstanding engineering and comprehensive knowledge enables the manufacture of highly specialized cranes for dredgers, reefer and dedicated vessels. Customer Service The Liebherr service philosophy is based on local contact and global availability of service engineers. Guaranteed spare parts...

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Multipurpose and container handling vessels require space-saving and reliable cranes. Liebherr’s cylinder luffing CBW cranes are the successful combination of economic and performance-orientated criteria. The product range covers lifting capacities of up to 90 t SWL and outreaches of more than 40 m. Due to the compact design and low height of the crane, a minimum of container space is lost for positioning the crane whereby optimal view of the deck is ensured. The CBW crane is very easy to maintain thanks to the hydraulic and electronic components used. Furthermore, the crane operates...

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The CBB series distinguishes itself through its advanced wire-luffing reeving concept. CBB cranes are suitable for all ship crane segments, ranging from simple container and multipurpose vessels up to highly specialized heavy lift carriers. CBB Ship Cranes • container / multipurpose • SWL up to 851 • outreach up to 36 m Features and benefits • totally closed crane column • all components well-protected against harsh environments • high level of precision for quick and easy positioning • reduced maintenance costs through advanced reeving concept • no reverse power

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CBB - Heavy Lift Series Based on the CBB series Liebherr has designed a high performance heavy lift crane. With capacities ranging from 120 t to 450 t, CBB cranes cover the main area of the heavy lift segment. Above that range the delivery program includes new developments with lifting capacities up to 1000 t SWL. One of the main advantages of CBB cranes is their low self-weight. This has a positive effect on the stability of the vessel as well as cargo handling - simultaneously increasing safety and performance. CBB Heavy Lift Cranes • heavy lift • SWL up to 1000 t • outreach up to 42...

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New Crane Design The latest ship crane development is a 250t crane which combines all market requirements. The crane is based on the existing design of the CBB series. Tailor-made for high performance multipurpose vessels this crane proves its strengths: slim design, precise control and quality “Made in Germany”. Design The crane fulfils the St. Lawrence regulations with its low height. Thanks to an improved boom design three further objectives have been achieved: 1. Enhancement of the clearance height 2. Increased lifting height and 3. Reduction of the minimum radius. Ship Cranes...

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This software, developed in-house by Liebherr, automatically covers all crane movements and load cycles and therefore actively supports the crane driver in controlling the crane. Thanks to the real-time monitoring of important machine parameters the crane driver is constantly informed in detail about the actual operation of the crane. Litronic® Control • stepless load curve through automatic load moment control • improved loading speeds through intelligent crane control • quick troubleshooting through detailed error codes - either on crane monitor or via remote service • Sycratronic® -...

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Liebherr CCB The C-design developed by Liebherr offers a lower weight than the usual gantry solution. Additionally, the CCB installation is more compact than the equivalent U-shape solution. Therefore, the C-design is capable of handling 50 containers per hour. Two parallel independent hydraulic power packs for hoisting, trolley travelling and gantry travelling systems optimize the power consumption and offer maximum operational safety. Features and benefits • container / multipurpose • SWL up to 40 t • up to 50 containers / hour

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Custom-made Applications Dredger Cranes Liebherr also has sound knowledge of custom-made cranes for cutting dredgers. The operational area of the crane stretches over the whole length of the vessel thanks to a travelling gantry. The arc jib allows an extended working area down to the deck making the crane also suitable for internal refitting on board the vessel. The extremely short crane rope minimizes swing so increasing safety as well as reducing wear and tear of the equipment. Ship Cranes

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Arctic Temperature Packages Remote working and living environments in cold and polar regions present a tough challenge for man and machine. Environmental ambient temperatures of down to -50° C demand a special stability from components and their materials. In order to guarantee smooth operation Liebherr supplies the ideal solution for extreme climatic conditions with special Arctic Temperature Packages. Ship Cranes

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