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Fiber Optic Cables

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Edition: July 2007 Subject to change and error. >

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LEONI Fiber Optics > 29 LEONI GigaLine U-DQ(ZN)(L)H nxm΅ LEONI GigaLine U-DQ(ZN)WH nxm΅ 30 Fiber optic outdoor cables 31 LEONI A-DQ(ZN)B2Y n 1750 N 32 LEONI A-DQ(ZN)B2Y nŅ 2500 N The Quality Connection 33 LEONI A-DQ(ZN)B2Y nxm 4 6 Fire protection The LEONI GigaLineŮ-Concept 34 LEONI A-DF(ZN)2Y nxm 7 5 Order number coding/standards Quality and the environment 35 LEONI A-DF(ZN)2YW2Y nxmŅ General 8 Fiber optic cores 36 LEONI A-DQ(ZN)(L)2Y n 10 11 Pictograms Fiber optic color code for multi-fiber loose tubes 37 LEONI A-DQ(ZN)2YW2Y nŅ 12 Fiber specification 38 LEONI A-DQ(ZN)(L)2Y nxm 14...

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LEONI Fiber Optics > New, faster network protocols and the further development of active and passive network components to match make constantly rising transmission rates possible. A key element of such nets are the cables used. LEONI Fiber Optics fully concentrates on the cable and regards it as our core competence.Over the past few years we have managed to constantly increase the quality of our fiber optic cables through improvements and process optimization. We do not only keep pace with constantly chang-ing technical requirements by means of state-of-the-art and most flexible...

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LEONI Fiber Optics > Environmentally friendly and safe Halogen-free versions of all the cables in our range are also available, of course. Not only does this reduce the strain on the environment, it also means less smoke and corrosive emissions in the event of a fire for your safety. LEONI Environmental management For us, business success with ecological responsibility is not a con- tradiction in terms. As such, environmental protection is an intrinsic element of our corporate activities. Our environmental management system is certified as complying with DIN EN ISO 14001, confirming that...

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LEONI Fiber Optics > FRNC (LSFROH) versions. FR Flame Retardant NC Non Corrosive LS Low Smoke 0H Zero Halogen There is good reason for this safety for persons, buildings and instal-lations in the case of fire. LEONI GigaLine֮ data cables with a sheath made of halogen-free and flame-retardant material are the better alternative to PVC in this respect, as their mechanical properties are fully guaranteed.PVC used to be a preferred choice of cable sheath material for cost reasons. Initially PVC displays good flame-inhibiting properties; its exposure to flames is accompanied, however, by severe...

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LEONI Fiber Optics > Ordering examples: 8 4 0 0 5 0 1 1 H 8 4 0 2 5 0 6 7 L8 4 3 1 6 7 2 7 B > ■ I-V(ZN)H 2x1G50/125 2.7B600/0.7F1200 > ■ U-DQ(ZN)BH 12G62.5/125 1750 N 3.2B200/0.9F500 > ■ A-DQ(ZN)B2Y 12x12E9/125 0.36F3.5/0.22H18 Cable constructionNumber of fibersCore typeFiber type see product page 00 = 1 fiber Single fiber cores: A = 0.38F3.5/0.28H18 OS1 01 = 2 fibers B = 0.36F3.5/0.22H18 OS1 02 = 4 fibers 1 6 = tight buffered fiber TB900 = semi-tight fiber STB900 = superstrip fiber 2 = loose tube with 2 fibers 03 = 6 fibers 3 = loose tube with 4 fibers F = 3.0B500/1.0F500 OM2 04 = 8...

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LEONI Fiber Optics > STB900 Semi-Tight Buffered fiberTB900 ֖ Tight Buffered fiber LB900 Superstrip fiber Fiber Silicone buffer Secondary coating Fiber Plexus buffer Secondary coating > Properties/Applications Properties/Applications Properties/Applications > ■ For splicing as pigtail > ■ In equipment and distributor cabinets as two-sided ready assembled cable > ■ For splicing as pigtail > ■ As connection cables in equipment and distribution cabinets > ■ For Indoor cables in equipment and distri- bution cabinets as well as on cable trays > ■ Resistant against temperature fluctuations > ■...

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LEONI Fiber Optics > 8499998Z up to 50 mm++++++++No > CoreԘ [m]TypeOrder-No.Stripable in one pieceSoft-nessResistance to tem- perature cyclingEase of instal- lationSuitable for spli- cingNote/Application TB500A 500 Mini tight buffered fiber, upcoated > miniaturized indoor cables adapted for SFFC (Small Form Factor Connector, i.e. MT-RJ), high temperaturstability, ideal for stripping machines 84950116 up to 80 mm+++++No TB600 600Mini tight buffered fiber 8499998Y up to 50 mm++++++++No > miniaturized indoor cables adapted for SFFC (Small Form Factor Connector, i.e. MT-RJ) TB600A 600Mini tight...

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LEONI Fiber Optics > Standard code of LEONI Fiber Optics GmbH according to IEC 60 304 No. of fiber No. of fiber (with ring marking) > transparent (no ring marking) >

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Transversely waterproof Diffusion of water in the transverse direction of the cable core is prevented. Longitudinally waterproof LEONI Fiber Optics Water in the cable core cannot spread in the longitudinal direction. > Rodent proof The cable core is protected respectively secured against damage due to rodents. Flame-retardant and halogen-free jacket The outer jacket of the cable is self-extinguishing and not fire conductive. The halogen-free jacket material develops neither toxic nor corrosive combustion gases in the case of a fire. > 11 size="-1">

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LEONI Fiber Optics > optical coreoptical cladding Primary coating Multi-mode fiber G50/125 acc. to IEC 60 793-2-10 Multi-mode fiber G62.5/125 acc. to IEC 60 793-2-10 > Multi-mode fiber G50/125 acc. to IEC 60 793-2-10 Geometry/mechanical properties Core diameter (m) 50 ձ 2.5 Cladding diameter (m) 125 ձ 2 Coating diameter (m) 245 ձ 10 Core non-circularity (%) < 5 100 kpsi) Transmission propertiesFiber type F (OM2)Fiber type G (OM2+)Fiber type H (OM2++)Fiber type I (OM3)Fiber type J (OM3+) Wavelength (nm)85013008501300850130085013008501300Attenuation max....

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Drums Fiber optic cables of higher cross-section are usually delivered on wooden drums of the KTG Kabeltrommel GmbH & Co. KG, Kln. They are provided on loan exclusively under the conditions of this company which we will send to you upon request. If requested we can deliver fiber optic cables on the following disposable drums: LEONI Fiber Optics >

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LEONI Fiber Optics > Indoor cables fiber optic indoor cables is demonstrated with simplex and dual cables, the mini break-out cable as well as the break-out cables in the flat and round versions. > LEONI GigaLine - fiber optic indoor cables are used in the building backbone and the horizontal cabling of a generic cabling system. In the rising area for connecting the individual floors of a building, fiber optic indoor cables with multi-mode fibers are used mostly to achieve higher data rates over larger distances. With a view to the rising requirements of users in the future, Γfiber to the...

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