Leica CloudWorx for BricsCAD Data Sheet - 2 Pages

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Leica CloudWorx for BricsCAD Data Sheet

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Leica CloudWorx for BricsCAD Point cloud plug-in Simple collaboration Seamless integration InterCAD workflows When paired with JetStream, Leica CloudWorx for BricsCAD allows users across the office or around the world to collaborate on a project seamlessly. Access saved clips and limit boxes and sync versions to prevent redundant, outdated copies of data from causing confusion and inefficiency. CloudWorx is integrated seamlessly with BricsCAD to shorten the learning curve for working with point cloud data. Access all the added features of CloudWorx along with the native tools in BricsCAD. Simply load a Cyclone or JetStream project or LGS file* and instantly begin working with all your points in BricsCAD. CloudWorx users benefit from seamless project access between all CloudWorx product plug-ins. Work with CloudWorx project files saved from any plug-in to easily switch between programs and access features unique to each software. - when it has to be right Geosystems

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Floor Flatness/Floor levelness tool guides users through the process of quickly querying a region using built-in templates and generating a report to ASTM standards, ready for delivery to a client. • Intuitive toolset for UCS orientation support automatically orientate UCS to walls and floors • Automatic Linework Assist saves users time in linework creation • Advanced point cloud modelling beyond the BricsCAD tool kit: Steel and Pipe Fitter, quick slice • Multiple point cloud sources: Cyclone, JetStream Server and LGS universal project files Full support for TruSpace • Layers: RGB, HDR, Hue...

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