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Specialist for pharmaceutical engineering ¾¾ more than 30 years in business, established 1981 ¾¾ privately owned ¾¾ about 230 employees worldwide ¾¾ production “Made in Germany” ¾¾ more than 80 % export ¾¾ approx. 20.000 m manufacturing floor space ¾¾ focus on product development ¾¾ DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 qualified 2 Innovative & Successfull ¾¾ full-system supplier ¾¾ market leader in blending and technological leader in coating ¾¾ largest range of granulation systems ¾¾ solutions for high containment systems ¾¾ solutions for batch and continuous production

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Product portfolio Weighing Granulation Milling Blending Coating Handling

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Service Center & Technology Center Two Centers – one claim: Increasing your profit The Service Center is the perfect place to present Bohle machines, as well as conduct operator seminars and training sessions. It can accommodate: ¾¾ a production line for batches from 10 to 30 kg ¾¾ each process machine is installed in an open production section separating each single production step ¾¾ easy access to the units for training and demonstration purposes The Technology Center, finished in 2014, is a development, test and presentation facility that focuses on continuous production. L.B. Bohle envisions...

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