Bohle Innovativ 2012-2 - 13 Pages

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Bohle Innovativ 2012-2
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Catalogue excerpts

Dear Readers, the world’s largest trade fair for chemical instrumentation – the ACHEMA 2012 – is over. Visitors from all over the world had a chance to see the innovative strength of (German) mechanical engineering for themselves! The suppliers for the pharmaceutical industry were accommodated in Hall 3 – a new hall with optimum climate comfort. The move to this new hall demonstrates that the long, close cooperation between VDMA and trade fair management was worth it. Many visitors were very delighted by the air-conditioning in this hall, especially in view of the hot summer temperatures. As head...

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Magic moments for new machines ACHEMA review L.B. Bohle GmbH enchanted over 160,000 visitors at the ACHEMA trade fair with a world premiere. The innovative dry granulator BRC 100 was a real crowd puller and attracted visitors from all over to the trade fair. Large numbers of visitors acquainted themselves with the innovation and made appointments for the first trials at the service centre at the Ennigerloh headquarters. The machine closes the final gap in granulation processing. “Until now, for a dry granulation process, components from other sup- pliers had to be integrated into the production...

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Bohle presents its new fluid bed system BFS 3 presented Bohle‘s fluid bed series has been extended with lab system BFS 3, the most compact fluid bed version. This system can dry up to three kilograms of granules. The BFS 3 can certainly be used for layering and pellet coating as well. The system has four filters installed and can be easily cleaned. As usual with systems of other sizes, the entire filter surface in the lab system can be easily cleaned at regular intervals by using compressed air. Furthermore, this most compact design of the fluid bed system can be equipped with an online humidity...

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Continuous production, easy handling and small space requirements Easy handling, continuous production and small space requirements are the typical features of the L.B. Bohle machines. With the dry granulator BRC 100, the development department presented a world premiere at the ACHEMA 2012 in Frankfurt, revealing its typical Bohle genes. In the BRC, free-flowing powder mixtures are processed into granules. The requirement in the pharmaceutical industry is to process a granule with defined density or porosity for immediate tableting thereafter. The powder is fed via a dosing unit, compacted between...

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BRC 100 – the new dry granulator Dr. Dejan Djuric Dr. Dejan Djuric, Manager Scientific Operations Introduction Continuous dry granulation has been an established process in the pharmaceutical industry for decades. It is not only applied for moisture- and temperature-sensitive materials, but also for large volume or herbal products, respectively. In comparison with classical wet granulation techniques, a sophisticated drying system is not necessary. This avoids large investments for production equipment and space, and it requires only low manufacturing costs. Furthermore the fast roller compaction...

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force level leads to finer granules [4]. This effect could not be observed when compacting the powder mixture at 10 kN/ cm (Figure 3). At 2 rpm roller speed and 300 rpm sieve speed (1.5 mm rasp sieve), comparable granule particle size distributions were obtained although the gap width was increased from 1.5 mm up to 3.5 mm. A homogeneous application of the compaction force over the whole roller width could be one reason for the similar granule size. Thus, material throughput could be easily increased without a change in granule properties. Figure 2: Compaction force impact on granule particle...

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that a suitable sieve setup offers the possibility to achieve a desired granule size by altering screen size and sieve speed. [1] Miller RW. Advances in pharmaceutical roller compactor feed system designs. Pharmaceutical Technology 1994, 18, 154-162. [2] leinebudde P. Roll compaction/dry granulation: pharK maceutical applications, European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 2004, 58, 317-326. [3] eng Y, Qiu Z., Wen H., Systematical approach of formuT lation and process development using roller compaction, European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 2009, 73, 219-229. [4]...

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“Sorcerer’s apprentice” Daniel Dück attracts an international audience “My name is Daniel…” These words were heard many times throughout the day, as Daniel Dück welcomed the international trade professionals, at the start of his little show for the world premiere of the dry granulator BRC 100 at the ACHEMA. The industrial mechanic trainee attracted a lot of attention at the leading Frankfurt-based trade fair as he presented Bohle’s state-ofthe-art technology as part of a clever magic show: Between the rather sober machines of the competitors, the “Sorcerer’s apprentice” caused a table to hover...

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Facts: In addition to L.B. Bohle Maschinen + Verfahren GmbH the following companies are taking part in the campaign: ■■ ■■ ■■ B-Logistik GmbH Condor Werke Gbr. Frede GmbH Geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH Heidelberg Cement AG Hans-J. Kemper GmbH Rottendorf Pharma GmbH Schrader Verfahrenstechnik Süd GmbH Together for the region – L.B. Bohle takes part in the image campaign for the industry Together with seven further companies from Ennigerloh, L.B. Bohle has committed itself to the IHK campaign “Industry – Together. Future. Life”. The aim is to enhance the image of industry in the public eye and to...

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Almost 20 years, or in other words 63 VMA (Bohle Vagumator), 42 GMA systems (Bohle Granumator), and 105 single pot granulators, lie between these two photos. Michael Andre found the photo from 1991 of the first large VMA 300 in his archive. Reason enough to retake the team photo in front of the VMA 600, demonstrating company solidarity and a shared corporate history. From left to right: Klaus de Bock. Peter Pelz, Norbert Ohlmeier and Michael Andre. (kneeling) Centre of Excellence completed: Handling pooled in Sassenberg L.B. Bohle Maschinen + Verfahren GmbH has expanded its Sassenberg location....

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