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Three times the first choke Marking and engraving with flexible and computer-aided control

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Maximum quality in focus Anyone who demands efficiency and flexibility in marking and engraving can no longer afford to ignore laser technology. Whether your application involves metal, plastic, ceramics or wood, all of these materials can be successfully laser marked, with little or no limitation to the shape or content of the marking. The new MAG Laser is a ready-to-use complete solution with a broad range of applications: From forming, marking, tempering and engraving as well as the removal of branding, it offers the right solution for every process. The laser beam will never exhibit...

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The model range All three models (Basis, Box, Big Box) can be combined with the full range of power classes. You can select between 10, 20, 30 or 50 watts depending on the material. For example, if you only process plastic 10 W is completely sufficient. If you use the 20 W laser, you can also process ceramics and metals. 30 W and 50 W will cover the entire spectrum: Labelling and engraving of almost all materials is guaranteed at even higher speed. To put it briefly: Just make a combination to suit your individual requirements. MAG Laser – models BASE Dimension: L 360 mm x H 116 mm x W 94...

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Clean and safe The BOX model is aimed at users who often process small components of up to 10 kg. The automatic lettering field of 115 x 115 mm is ideally sized, whether for single parts or small series. The processing table, sized at 250 x 210 mm is moved by a motor in the z-axis, with a travel path of 120 mm. A device for an extraction unit is also fitted. This guarantees a clean and environmentally-acceptable working. Thanks to its enclosed housing of Laser Class 1 according to DIN 60825-1, the BOX laser unit can be used in all rooms without further safety precautions. MAG Laser open...

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For heavy workpieces The BIG BOX model is constructed for medium and heavy workpieces of up to 115 kg, and profits from its high flexibility. In its standard version, the laser system is fitted with a motorised z-axis for traversing the laser unit. A further z-axis with an x-y table is available for increased processing space, and this can be comfortably operated with a joystick. The automatic marking field is 115 x 115 mm in size, but it can be extended with another optional f-theta lens. A powerful extraction unit is already integrated. If the components are heavy, the fact that the...

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Software All models include a notebook with a 2D software as standard. It is suited optimally forsurface processing. For example, it permits: The importing of AI, DXF, HPGL, BMP, JPG files as well as others. Reworking of CAD files, up to 255 different parameters per file, list input for the marking sequence, external trigger control, direct text input, barcode, data matrix code, time and date, linear, radial and polylinear text Marking of rotating parts on the rotation axis. Creation of 2D markings with the supplied software “ScanMasterDesigner” further application examples Rubber string...

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Technical data SP*: short puls for best results Laser type Fiber laser Fiber laser Fiber laser Fiber laser Mean Power Beam quality Stability (over 5 hours) Pulse width Pulse energy Scanner Lettering speed Positioning speed General Power connection Power rating Ambient temperature Maße und Gewicht Fiber length Laser head weight Power supply weight Spot diameter Lettering field We offer a total of 7 F-theta lenses. Ask for advice about the right one for you.

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Head Office USA O.R. Lasertechnology Inc. 1420 Howard Street Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 Tel.: +1 847-593-5711 Fax: +1 847-593-5752 Japan OR Laser Japan Co., Ltd. 1-4-33, 1801, Shiohama, Kotu-ku Tokyo, Japan TEL. +81 (0) 3 - 6659 - 8511 FAX. +81 (0) 3 - 3646 - 8235 Turkey OR LAZER Kaynak Makinaları Tic. Ltd. Şti İkitelli O.S.B İpkas San. Sit. 9/A Blok No:24 İkitelli K. Çekmece – Istanbul 34000 Tel.: +90 (0) 212 671 83 30 Fax: +90 (0) 212 671 84 39 Partners Israel Laser-Tech 3000...

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