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A new way of repairing Fast and economic: On-site repair welding

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The taskforce for repair welding Dimensions: width 420 mm x height 500 mm x length 636 mm Weight: 30 kg net IQ Laser: ready to operate any time, any place The IQ laser was specially developed to carry out localized smaller repairs on site, for example on injection molding machines. The 5 m long glass fiber cable makes it possible to reach any location on larger moldings and components. Even precision components such as turbines, medical components and rollers can be quickly repaired without complications. There are also no limits on the materials: aluminium, steel, and copper alloys can...

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Flexibility pays off With the IQ Laser, OR Laser presents a laser welding system which sets new standards in repair welding. The experience gained by our customers in practice, in addition to several years of research and development, have been incorporated into the construction of this mobile laser system. The IQ laser is compact, quickly ready for operation, precise, and combines the highest technical demands with practice-oriented ease of operation and enables repair welding „on the spot“. Repair welding on an injection mold Save time and money OR Laser has always been an ideal partner...

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Control via touchscreen Via the 10“ touchscreen all parameters are accessible and there are reams of possibilities to adjust important settings which can also be stored directly. Saved data can be accessed anytime. Laser parameters Configured easily and accurately. Peripherals All system parameters of the hand laser can easily use the software will given. Video 1:1 tracking of the welding process and saved along with all technical parameters. Inovative process observation A camera, which is integrated into the laser head, makes it possible to follow the welding progress in real time. The...

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Concept: IN LINE LASER REPAIR OR Laser presents an innovative concept with In Line Laser Repair. Your benefits: The component to be repaired no longer needs to be removed. Simply weld on the spot, job done. The process is ready to start again once you have carried out inspection and postworking. An injection mold for the automotive industry Simple, safe and precise welding... Useful accessories Guide rail (optional) The useful accessoiry is the guide rail, which is mounted directly on the laser pistole. The welders can easly weld along a straight line. Available from January 2014 // 5

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iQ Laser vs. Conventional repair methods In our example, a 10 t injection mold needs to be welded. The conventional operations required are very costly: About 5 hours are required to remove the mold, transport and handling to the workshop takes a further 1 hour. It then takes half an hour to dismantle the mold and remove any inserts, another half an hour to carry out the welding and 1 hour for Transport & handling Postworking Welding the die-spotting presses and post-work. Then the same again, in reversed order: 1 hour for handling and transport, then 5 hours for refitting. On top of all...

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The advantages of the diode-pumped laser Average power of 300 W peak power of 3 kW and maximum energy of 30 Joules times faster than the conventional repair method Other highlights: · No water cooling · Easy socket connection is enough than conventional Nd/Yag laser systems · Operation in pulse mode and cw mode · Excellent and stable beam quality Technical data Power Netzspannung (V/Ph/Hz) System equipment Laser system · 10“ Touchdisplay · Mains isolator · Emergency stop · Interface with hardware monitoring function · Lamp switch · Industry controller for setting and display of power, pulse...

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Head Office USA O.R. Lasertechnology Inc. 1420 Howard Street Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 Tel.: +1 847-593-5711 Fax: +1 847-593-5752 Israel Laser-Tech 3000 LTD. Hacharoschet Street 35 21651 Karmiel Tel.: +972 (0) 58 380 468 Turkey OR LAZER Kaynak Makinaları Tic. Ltd. Şti İkitelli O.S.B İpkas San. Sit. 9/A Blok No:24 İkitelli K. Çekmece – Istanbul 34000 Tel.: +90 (0) 212 671 83 30 Fax: +90 (0) 212 671 84 39 Partners India O.R. LASER TECHNOLOGIE INDIA P LTD. Regd Office: #1 Dhruva Tara...

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