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Three dimensional processing of geometries with automatic re-focussing

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increased precision and speed in manual welding The scope of delivery of the Autofocus system comprises a control unit, the Autofocus software and a laptop. • Increased precision and speed together with an • Constant laser parameters on the precision part. • Optimal results due to adherence to the process parameters. ■ Automatic online focussing ■ Accurate and rapid operating mode ■ Coaxial distance regulation Simple operating interface to control the Autofocus /npuf interface to set the process parameters

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Always in focus The Autofocus system from OR Laser is a unique focussing system for laser units that regulates the distance to the precision part to be processed online. The uniqueness of the system is based on a measuring method, which is carried out coaxially to the processing laser. This means the distance is measured directly in the focus point of the laser and evaluated in the same axis. Hence you are able to work contact-free and independent of direction, and control the distance precisely even in deeper bores or crevices. Mode of operation A laser beam of a wavelength of 655 mm is...

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Unevenness. Irregularities in form. The determination of distance in crevices or irregular surface areas is accomplished easily using the Autofocus system. Even angles of up to 80° are registered by the Autofocus. The dynamic sector of the Z axis of 40 mm overcomes all unevenness during the laser process. The measuring method is based upon an intereferometric evaluation of the diffusion of a 655 nm measuring laser beam. Even angles of up to 80° are registered by the Autofocus.

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It comprises a sensor and positioning unit, which determines the distance to the precision part accurately and positions the focus lens exactly at the required clearance. The benefit of this system is that you can measure directly in the welding point during the welding, jointing or fusing process with a pulsed laser and readjust the focus lens immediately, if necessary.

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Technical data Power Focussing lens Meassuring accuracy Working range Mechanical focusing accuracy Linearity over working range Angel measurement Command refresh rate Meassuring laser working temperature Dimensions and weight Sensor dimensions (LxWxH) Control box dimensions (LxWxH) Motion Unit dimensions (LxWxH) Autofocus system Weight Autofocus system complete with case

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Head Office USA O.R. Lasertechnology Inc. 1420 Howard Street Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 Tel.: +1 847-593-5711 Fax: +1 847-593-5752 Israel Laser-Tech 3000 LTD. Hacharoschet Street 35 21651 Karmiel Tel.: +972 (0) 58 380 468 Turkey OR LAZER Kaynak Makinaları Tic. Ltd. Şti İkitelli O.S.B İpkas San. Sit. 9/A Blok No:24 İkitelli K. Çekmece – Istanbul 34000 Tel.: +90 (0) 212 671 83 30 Fax: +90 (0) 212 671 84 39 Partners India O.R. LASER TECHNOLOGIE INDIA P LTD. Regd Office: #1 Dhruva Tara...

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