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Lanemark Midco Burners - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Introducing Midco International’s Direct-Fired Gas Burners The Blue Flame Series Higher Temperature Rise Wider Operation Range Shorter, More Stable Flame and Lower Overall Emissions Midco International is proud to introduce our direct-fired gas burner, initiating a new era in direct-fired gas burner technology. New Technology in Direct-Fired Gas Burners Our innovative two stage combustion burner is not just a modification or improvement of the old, but a completely new approach to direct-fired combustion. The two-stage combustion improves control of the flame process, meets Provides Unsurpassed Lower Emissions and exceeds the new ANSI Standards while outperforming the competition. By having two separate flames within the burner combustion zone, the flame is more stable, shorter and cleaner, permitting the reduction of emissions levels and allowing for higher temperature rise and higher tolerance to varying conditions when placed in the profile opening. Available in Cast Iron or Aluminum Burner Sections

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The Blue Flame Series Specifications * Firing rate is dependent on the pressure drop across the burner. ** Flame length depends on design pressure drop and is measured from the end of the baffle. *** For other operating velocities contact our Engineering Department. Direct-Fired Applications Plus Flexibility in Configuration Straight, elbow and tee sections easily configure to desired capacity maximizing efficiency for installation and performance. Burners may be ignited by proven pilot or direct spark. Pilots are available for flame rectification or ultraviolet detection. Hot surface ignition...

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