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Lanemark Midco Burners - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Typical Applications • Paint spray booth air heating – spray and bake cycles • Paint drying and curing ovens • HVAC air replacement schemes for factories, warehouses, distribution centres… • Crop dryers • Print media dryers Lanemark Midco HMA2A series burners operate directly within the heated air flow and can be located either upstream or downstream of the main air supply fans. Key Features • High heat output per unit length • Low emissions – suitable for manned/unmanned operations • Wide acceptable process air velocity range • High turndown (up to 30:1) • Short flame length • Common burner head for natural gas and propane Lanemark’s DbCalc© software is available to determine burner ratings and to design suitable duct profile plate arrangements at firing rates of up to 220 kW per 305 mm (750,000 Btu/h per ft) burner length. Burners can be configured either as straight sections or in various “shapes” such as “H” or “I” designs by the use of compact elbows and tees, to fit within required duct dimensions. Gas manifolds are available in both cast iron and aluminium which significantly reduces the weights of larger burner assemblies. Specifications Heat Input Typical flame length Burner Head Gas Pressure Burner Head Orientation Parallel to process air flow MIDCO HMA2A AIR HEATING BURNERS MIDCO HMA2A AIR HEATING BURNERS DATA Lanemark Midco HMA2A series air heating burners are designed to provide a high efficiency, high turndown, low emission solution for air replacement or “make-up” air heating applications.

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DB AIR HEATING BURNER SYSTEMS Max Heat Input Range (kW)* Max Heat Input Range (Btu/h)** Higher heat inputs are available on request * eat Input Range @ 146 – 205 kW per 305 mm burner section length H ** Heat Input Range @ 500,000 – 700,000 Btu/h per ft burner section length *** Gas Connection based on 146 kW per 305 mm (500,000 Btu/h per ft) burner section length @ 20 mb gas supply pressure (Please refer to Lanemark for gas valve train connection sizes for firing rates > 146 kW per 305 mm (500,000 Btu/h per ft) Lanemark DB Duct Burner Systems comply with the relevant sections of European Standard...

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