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Lagarde autoclaves catalogue - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

with more than 2,500 units delivered to over In answer it) the increasing demands gf the food pjocejsmg and textile industries LAGARDE w=s founded si in MontElimar. Franctand targeted Its-uctivinti In the pnoducLloi of mistrial jroosssins -Equipment. In 1551. LAGARDE wcassfubty developed aid staled lhu construction and sale of autoes far the textile industry aud introduced the Company to TTIE esc^nrt madtet place. These dn|gn studies resulted in patents far La|4idci unique industrial i 1972, LAGARDE developed the first stwririirr sterilising, horizontal retort for fond proces'-ij; and established...

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LAGARDE meeting your expectations LA&ARDE offers yju the benefit of: ■ A team of techniciS erfc'neers and sale* managers ready to meet you □nEiie TO share the.\r Experierf^ and to support you in the section V appropriate processes ['or your requrements. ♦ An Engineering Department for the design and development of equipment appropriate to the specifications of each customer. ♦ A Service Department with a team of Engineers ready 10 rnpord quk&iy to gf-ne you all the assistance yog need thanVs to ihe fxoririiiy of intematnnal airports (Lyan Sain-t'EiLpery or Marseille-Provence) or if required technical...

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THE TECHNOLOGY BEHIND EACH TYPE OF THERMAL TREATMENT LAGARDE can offer a complete range of horizontal retorts using different processes to obtain thermal processing. Heating by direct steam injection with fan assisted forced circulation Steam condtmite with a small arrow! of fresh water is re-drcuUled and gradually cooled uwig on* of the fcJIo-ng rrteihods: • Cooling by adding cold watef 10 the re-circulating enxfu "iter with the pcnuMtfy of partial«ful mrwraon • Cootng wwg a heit eichariga Tha process does not requ/e try adAt'Cial chlc»w and »ho allows the (wsiWty to ioe poabie cr ncni*rir^ WM (*d...

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HOT WATER SPRAY TECHNOLOGY Heating by water spraying-raining Cooling by water spraying-raining A Ion* amount c-f water stored in the bottom of the retort chancer is recycled by a large flow pimp and gradually heated through a special heat exchanger that is not sensitive to thermal shocks. • Heat transfer in the exchange* by steam condensing without contact with the recycling water ■ Heal transfer by contact of re-circulating water with the containers • Alternative healing solution using direct steam injection • System for energy recovery • Condensates inside the exchanger are autoxatically drained The...

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Universal retorts suitable for all kinds of food products or containers without restriction FULL WATER IMMERSION TECHNOLOGY ■ Water 0 pre-heated in the water tank • Transfer of the water from the tank • Water is heated inside the retort chamber ■ Water ar energy recovery • Cooling by spraying/raining or water circulation

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LAGARDE "RANGE of EQUIPMENT PILOT UNITS Control, adapted to suit retorts with a reliable control system suitable Supervision to make the control of retorts easier LAGARDE proposes solutions for supervision and studies the best technical configuration • Supervision from I to 16 retorts (network) • Programming and downloading of recipes • functions for receding and filing of data • Printed reports are automatically issued c upon request wi th colour graphs ' Total apply of; wmouitr, cctoif p* inlet, wftwiiei • Interiace under Windows of Microsoft (possible link to other software types)

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