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SAFETYBOX® KEMFIRE 600 Type A Data Sheet SAFETY CABINET FOR THE COMBINED STORAGE OF CHEMICALS, ACIDS AND BASES, AND SOLID AND LIQUID FLAMMABLES IN COMPLIANCE WITH EN 14470-1, EN 14727 NORMS FIRE RESISTANCE ‘TYPE 90’ – 90 min. TÜV CERTIFICATION Cabinet in compliance with EN 14470-1, EN 14727. Completely produced in pickled and electrogalvanized steel 10/10 mm painted with epoxide acid-proof dusts electrostatically applied through thermic tunnel at 200°C. Smooth painting in the most delicate parts, and textured in the exposed parts. Thickness of painting from a minimum of 60 μm (micron) to a maximum of 250 μm (micron) as per UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 procedure. External monolithic construction completely sealed. New building method with double cases, internal and external. “Danger” stickers for corrosive, harmful and toxic products on the chemicals compartment and “No Smoking” and “Fire” warning stickers on the flammables compartment, as required by European Norms DIN 4844 and ISO 3864. Locking system with key and cylinder lock. Grounding connection to discharge build-up of static electricity. Levelling feet for balance. Lifetime warranty “RC PRODOTTI”: it covers any injury to persons and objects. Usage and maintenance manual. Packaging with “Tipping over system®” device. UPPER COMPARTMENT FOR CHEMICAL, ACID AND BASE PRODUCTS 2 shelves adjustable in height made of electrogalvanized steel painted with epoxide acid-proof dusts. Trayshaped shelves to collect any liquid spillage of breakages. Removable and adjustable shelves with anti-falling security lock by rack. Collection capacity of the shelf approx. 7 litres. Loading capacity kg. 40/100. Watertight bottom basin in electrogalvanized steel painted with epoxide anti-acid dusts. Capacity approx. 14 litres. Doors opening up to 110° to allow an easy extraction of the shelves without tilting them. Acid-proof hidden hinges. LOWER COMPARTMENT FOR FLAMMABLE PRODUCTS Fire test carried out in accredited laboratories according to EN 1363-1:1999 and UNI EN 1363-1:2001. New fireproof insulation made of highly fire resistant material, completely ecological. Internal body panels made of anti-scratch material, resistant to corrosive products.

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Inflatable trimming 8 + 6 cm (DIN 4102), that swells in case of fire, isolating the inside of the cabinet from the outside. Extra inflatable trimming with protection against “Cold and Hot fumes” and dusts. Self –closing door with automatic return. Natural internal ventilation system for vapours, equipped with two certified security valves for air recycling with automatic closure at 70 ± 10° C. The valves are positioned at the top and at the bottom of the rear wall of the cabinet in order to grant the release of substances, as per normative. External connection collar Ø 100 mm. Watertight bottom...

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