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P I O N E E R & L E A D E R I N F L E X I B L E TA N K S A N D L I Q U I D E N G I N E E R I N G * * tank-134082.html">Flexible tank engineering > INDUSTRIAL STORAGE & PROCESSING (chemicals, latex, paint, brine, etc.) > INDUSTRIAL STORAGE Storing and handling industrial liquids requires reliable, safe technologies. THE SOLUTION: With over 30 years’ experience in industrial applications, LABARONNE CITAF designs high-quality flexible tanks. O ur flexible tanks are designed for longterm or temporary storage of: 33Chemicals (acid or alkaline solutions) 33Process liquids 33Latex, glue, paint, 33Brine. The tanks are made in technical fabrics [Alcryn (Hayn), polyurethane (PU) or PVC (HPV or FAL)] suitable for the different types of industrial products to be stored. Electromechanical apparatus (volume flow meters, pumps, low-level cut-offs, powerdriven valves, insulated piping, etc) can be proposed as optional extras depending on the tanks’ use. Retention trays are available Please consult us for every demand so that we can check on compatibility and select the right fabric for the liquid to be stored > F i n d a l l o u r Technical benefits > Self-supporting tanks: direct positioning on a clean stabilized horizontal surface. > No air: Therefore no skin on the surface. > Quick and easy to install – lightweight, foldable, mobile and modular – no o f f e r s o n : building permits required – Easy to maintain – Long service life > Resists the most corrosive products. w w w . l a b a r o n n e - c i t a f . c o m

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> INDUSTRIAL STORAGE & PROCESSING > I N D U S T R I A L S TO R AG E PRODUCTS > Easy rapid installation in 4 steps 1-Unpack 2-Unroll 4-It’s all set up! 3-Unfold > Closed self-supporting flexible tanks A number of technical features Max. height in m Max. height in m 30 6.25x5.92 1.25 101 9.25x5.92 1.40 148 80 10.25x7.40 1.60 205 120 12.40x8.88 1.50 298 1.55 660 500 22.15x19.24 1.40 1141 Other volumes and sizes on request – FREE ESTIMATE Valid for closed flexible tanks en sil es treng th: 4 g 50 K /5 c NE-CITAF QU ON A R ul til ri c LA Y LIT BA 450Kg 257 1.50 m 16.40x10.36 20.80x11.84 T 200...

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