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Soft seated gate valve Art. A020-A021-A022-A023PMOT - 1 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

SARACINESCA CUNEO GOMMATO SOFT SEATED GATE VALVE PN 10 Serie 14 - Art. A020 PMOT PN 16 Serie 14 - Art. A021 PMOT PN 10 Serie 15 - Art. A022 PMOT PN 16 Serie 15 - Art. A023 PMOT SARACINESCA CUNEO GOMMATO PREDISPOSTA PER LA MOTORIZZAZIONE SOFT SEATED GATE VALVE WITH MOTOR DRIVE PREARRANGEMENT APPLICAZIONE: Fornitura e distribuzione acqua potabile, trattamento acque reflue e sistemi fognari, settori industriali. APPLICATION: Drinkable water supply and distribution, waste water treatment and sewerage. NORMA PROGETTO: SCARTAMENTO: FLANGE: FLANGIA SUPERIORE: COLLAUDI: TEMP. ESERCIZIO: DESIGN STANDARD: FACE TO FACE: FLANGES: TOP FLANGE: TESTS: WORKING TEMP.: **Con riduttore conico. **With bevel gearbox. RIVESTIMENTO ESTERNO/INTERNO: Polvere epossidica di colore blu RAL 5015 con spessore 250m. SURFACE PROTECTION: FBE coating process with epoxy resin powder of blue colour RAL 5015 and thickness of 250m. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO TECHNICAL CHANGES.

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