LBA 63 PK (PAID PARKING BARRIER The tested and recognized barrier, in the toll parking business) - 2 Pages

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paid PARKING BARRIER Special design for the paid parking • 15 000 passages / days • Open / close between 0.8 and 3 seconds • Three-phase motor and 230 V mono power • Reversing of the barrier possible in less than 15 mn • Straight or articulated, unhinging or ejection arm • Automatic re-opening in case of undervoltage Specifications Technical features Sheet metal DKP, thickness 2 mm, protected with cataphoresis and RAL 5015 painting. Sheet metal DKP, thickness 2mm, protected with cataphoresis and RAL 9010 painting. Polyester powder baked at 250°, housing and door in RAL 5015, cover in RAL 9010. Arm : Oval aluminium arm 84 mm x 57 mm, with reflective bands, option for articuled, unhinging or ejector arm. Gearmotor : Three-phase gearmotor 230 V, 0.25 KW reversible. Standard equipments : ody barrier with reversible gearmotor, compensator and arm clip. B Frequency variator powered in 230 V single-phase, in 0.25 KW driving the acceleration and deceleration ramps, enabling the regulation of the opening and closing speeds. Logic control PLC enabling the inductive sensors operations. Inductive sensor without contact for the barrier operation. Maintaining opened or closed by current injection. Control push button on the PLC front. Information feedback on the terminal : - Presence detector feedback information (if loop is present). - Security detector feedback information (if loop is present). - Information feedback on terminal barrier «open». - Information feedback on terminal barrier «closed». - Information feedback on default synthesis. Optional equipments : rticulated arm, with unhinging and ejection device. A Controlled front unhinging removing all risk for pedestrians. Back unhinging avoiding the material deterioration in case of impact. Automatic hinging available with the front unhinging allowing the arm replacement due to an impact without intervention. Automatic lift arm in case of power failure. Specific color for the drum, door and cover. Security, presence, free opening, IR cell, magnetic loop,…. paid Parking

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Optional equipment : Passage width Total weight PVC sealed template frame + 4 fixation bars 16 x 250 mm + 8 bolts. 3 m long carbon arm with anti-impact foam and sock protection Ø 85 mm, equipped with reflective bands. 2-channel magnetic loop detector. Fixed support post with rubber shock absorber. Fixed support post with magnetic suction. Adustable moving support. Normal barrier (Mean cycles before failure). Red / Green light set, directly assembled on the barrier. (mean time between failures). MTTR : 15 mn. (Mean time to repair). Reversed barrier Broken arm and open door detection… Gearmotor...

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