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Catalogue excerpts

Taiwan Headquarter No. 73. Industry 20th Road, Ta ping District. Taichung 411. Taiwan Websrte; wwwJimachineiy+com,tw China Branch KUNSHAN L&L MACHINERY INDUSTRY CO. LTD. No.y. ZhaoUan Road. Lujia Town. Kunsnan City. Jiangsu Province. China Large CNC Facing Lathe High Hardness Roller Turning

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Strength condition the time Time decide the Future. mm per minute walk takes about 31 minutes, but 1t000 mm per minute walk takes about only 3 minutes. Time is the world's most fair thing; the LFS and the LFM model are designed and developed with this kind ot idea, in mind. Because we know that changes in cutting conditions will determine you and your customer's competition strength. The machine that has more strength will save more valuable time and manpower (or you and your clients. Besides, time and accuracy determine who the winner is in the world of processing. We saw the requirements of...

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Special Purpose Large CNC Lathe Let L&L's outstanding experience work for you Large CNC Facing Lathe Our LFS series lalhes are specially developed for large- diameter and short giant plate workpieces. This model is the most suitable machine for these sorts of workpieces and the advantages of high efficiency and economy. • Maximum Swing Over Bed; 1800mm

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Special Purpose Large CNC Lathe Let L&L's outstanding experience work for you

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High Rigidity Roller Turning CNC Lathe I LFM serios CNC lathes are ideal the machining of large workpieces and meeting the requirements of extremely rigid cutting, high motor loading and harsh machining. Maximum swing over bed; 1800mm Special Purpose arge CNC Lathe Let L&L's outstanding experience work for you

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rigid with high accuracy cross slide Focuses on the machining features of large workplaces the bed uses the 30 and 60 degree corner design which is able to bear heavy loads. as well as keep axis straight. Uses Meehanite GB300, which is electric-melted, annealing treated, completely stress relieved and is one-piece constructed to ensure the best stability. Bed is of special hardened ribbed construction* Each ribbed flat is made by apertures and interlaced, making a strong cage construction. Suitable for use in long beds, eliminating distortion in casting and reducing the vibration during cutting. The...

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same as the bed adopting Meehanite electric-smelted and stress relieved. Extra wide box way type cross slide and larger contact faces can distribute cutting completely and will avoid tool shaking effectively during high hardness cutting. transmitting system X axis and Z axis all use servo motors and transmit to the ballscrew through precision coupling to minimize backlash and make for excellent positioning accuracy. The contact face with the bed is attached with extra- durable Turcite B wipers which reduce friction and Cross slide The box type way for cross slide is given more strength to do heavy...

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- Especially ideal for heavy loading and heavy workpiece machining. Uses extra-long shaped headstock design, which increases the spindle strength. Equipped with a large 30/37 kW motor and extra-large gear transmission, provides excellent spindle performance and high torque output. • Headstock is a strong cage structure, uses Meehanite cast-iron and is heated and annealing treated to ensure spindle concentricity and parallelism Spindle Motor Power Curves & Torque Charts FANUC Spindle Motor SPINDLE TORQUE Uses double taper roller bearings in the front, heavy loading taper bearing in the middle and...

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cutting power Equipped with horizontal 4 servo turret tor option. Large tools and clamping face is large as well. especially (or heavy cutting. with auxiliary tool holders to increase efficiency. High tubes to cool the tools and remove the chips rapidly. Tool changes are close, saving time.

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Uses extra-rigid tailstock body and 250 mm, diameter giant quill. Provides excellent support and prevents tool vibration during heaving cutting. The quill is rotary in front of the inner quill, and the rear part uses taper roller bearings. The lubrication is forced to ensure grease enters the bearings. Equipped with a standard MT#6 center which moves with the workpiece and is suitable for high hardness cutting. Suitable for the steel industry, the aerospace and shipping industries. The tailstock quill uses SNCM445 materials has been micro-alloyed and high frequency heat treated to ensure the hardness...

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Heavy Duty Boring Including Boring bar support and diameter Depending on client applications, 80-110mm Steady Rest ■ 105mm quill diameter with heavy loaded bearing.

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Full line of high quality CNC lathes to meet your turning challenges. FANUC Oi-TD is the standard controller with a user-friendly panel. The controller is designed on the movable door which allows it to rotate 120 degrees and get closed to the work piece. It is very convenient for checking the tooling and observing the machining operations. High-performance panel-based CNC control Robust panel front made of magnesium die-cast Maintenance-free design (no buffer battery required) 4-axes simultaneous interpolation(X.Y.Z rotary axis) 100 sellable work piece zero offsets Built-in ISO code interpreter Wide...

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X axis servo motor Taistock travel Taistock quil Standard accessor Cttp removal Bed ways lubrication pump Spindto lubrication pump Coolant system Smng over bed (V shape carnage) Swrrj over cross slide (box type carnage} Center height Distance between centers Wfcfth of cross slide Spindle bore Spindle nose Spindle speed Spindle center Spindle motor Turret model Tool sure Xaxis travel X axis rapkJ traverse Z axis rapid traverse Eouipped win 1:4 precison gear reducer 7Kw through 1 4 ptantary gear reduoer Drect coupling with 14 preos*on gear reduoer Rotating nuts with 1 2 preoson gear reducer Hydraultc...

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Full line of high quality CNC lathes to moot your turning challenges. Loading Capacity Spindle bore Tailstock quill diameter Max. load between center Max. load between center plus 1 steady rest Max. load between center plus 2 steady rest Max. load with one chuck only Side Version Interference

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