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Catalogue excerpts

Taiwan Headquarters: No. 73, Industry 20th Road, Taiping District Website: E-mail: China Service Center: KUNSHAN L&L MACHINERY INDUSTRY CO., LTD No.9Zhaotian Road, Lujia Town, Kunshan City Jiangsu Province, China E-mail: Full Line of High Quality CNC Lathes to Meet Your Turning Challenges.

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Choice of Distance Between Centers : • Rotatory tailstock quill with 165 mm diameter • Motorized tailstock body movement • Fanuc Oi-TD built-in manual guide Choice of Distance Between Centers: • Heavy duty flat bed construction • Choice of chucks: 3-jaw hydraulic chuck, 3-jaw pneumatic chuck, or double chucks, • 165 mm rotary tailstock quill • Hydraulic, V8 electric, live tooling

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• The solid box construction casting provides excellent rigidity for heavy cutting. • All gears in the deadstock are hardened and precisely • Rigid spindle Is supported by high precision taper roller • 4 step auto gear change • Spindle speed ranges are automatically changed by M code. • Infinitely variable speeds are commanded by 5 code. • An auto-lubrication system is equipped for headstock gears • Double chucks strengthen the stability for turning a long ujorkplece through spindle. • Perfect one piece rigid construction. • Bed and base are made of 'Meehanite' cast iron. After proper stress relieving...

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L&Lfs Outstanding Turret, Carriage and Cross Slide •Turcite B lining is applied on cross slide and carriage for reducing friction. • Precision ball screws are equipped on the X and • Z-axIs ball screws are protected by a stainless steel shield to prevent rusting and chip damage. • Rigid hydraulic H4 or V8 auto tool change • Precision tapered roller bearings are equipped on the spindle of the built-in tailstock quill. • The quill is heat treated and precisely ground. • The quill adopts a MT#6 dead center or live center for small workpieces. A chuck with nose CAI-5) can be mounted for larger • The...

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Double chuck adapter and chuck guard • Installed in the rear of spindle inhere an Extra chuck can be mounted. • A workpiece, such as long shaft or pipe, clamped at both ends of spindle gets better support. Heavy Duty Boring Attachment • Installed on cross slide easily. • The boring depth and diameter can be • Depending on client applications, different size sleeves are available. • Each can be quickly siuiveled and clamped into cutting positions. • Suitable for turning, facing, boring. Roller Bracket • Equipped on the machine especially for heavy duty large diameter workpieces. • Has a wide range...

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MILLING FUNCTION Five Degree Spindle Indexing System • Spindle can be indexed five degrees. • M code controls spindle indexing. • More economical. • Equipped with hydraulic dish brake. Integrated Spindle Index System with Live Tooling Turret I. Multiple functions: turning, milling, drilling, boring, tapping and threading. 2. Enhanced accuracy: Prevent accuracy loss on loading and unloading. 3. Saves time: Complete different jobs on one machine. Live Tooling Turret • 12 station live tooling turret uiith rapid tool change • Easily manageable tools • Powerful drilling, tapping, and milling capacity •...

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Including general thread, metric thread, unified thread, PT thread and PE thread. Including outer, inner and face grooving. CANNED CYCLE FOR DRILLING: Including center drilling, drilling, reaming, boring X AREA CUTTING FUNCTION: When the optional function "-X Area Cutting Function" is available, it is possible to select the cutting in +X area in the cycle motions excepting hole machining processes.

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Machine Dimensions & Weight

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(I) X and Z axes actual cutting diameter will change when equipped with different turrets, (2) Spindle speed will change according to different motors. (3) Distance between centers will change based on installing different types of tailstocks. (4) Machine between center over 6000mm, Z-axis linear is optional. (5) Specification subject to change without prior notice,

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LC GQUIPGD FANUC 22/26 KW SPINDLE MOTOR(STD) Motor Speed VS. Output Motor Speed VS. Torque Max. load between center plus I steady rest Max. load belween center plus 2 steady rest Max. load with one chuck only

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Side Version Interference swiveled and clamped into cutting positions. • Suitable for turning, facing, CE) Swing over croos slide CE) Swing over croos slide CE) Swing over croos slide CE) Swing over croos slide • High indexing accuracy and quick tool change. • Random tool selection. • Turret clamping is controlled by hydraulic power for outstanding CE) Swing over croos slide CE) Swing over croos slide CE) Swing over croos slide CE) Swing over croos slide

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