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Quafity and rttiabitity it our tradition KYORITSU ISO9001:3000,M EN9001 APWOVED BrBVOI KEWCAT. IV CLAMP METER CAT.IVonv ©33 CAT.J/6D0V 2046R ©33 MAX AC.DC600A «c 2055 CATV 600V Q>40 ODesigned to international safety standard IEC61010-1 CAT, W 600V ^JCAT.IV Clamp Meters can measure the Voltage and Current in both very low and hˮgh power circuits. OThus, very useful for power distribution companies, power utilities and maintenance fields. OTrue RMS enables an accurate measurement (2046R/2056R). QRed LED, as "Non Contact Voltage" functon, gives warning to the user on the prsence of AC voltage. ODouble molding gives comfortable feeling n palnv 06039 counts with Bar Graph display. OMIN/MAX function enables to easing keep min & max value during meosurement MAX AC.OC 1000A CATW 600V 2056R ©40 MAX AC'DCIOOOA i KYORITSU ELECTRICAL INSTRUMENTS WORKS,LTD

AC/DC Digital Clamp Meters 2046R/2055/2056R
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    KEWC AT. IV CLAMP Mi 2040/2046R ActuelSi*) Designed to international safety standard IEC61010-1 C AT. IV 600V > 600V input protection Steep Function...
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    ETER SERIES True RMS (Root Mean Square value) Measurement Averaging Vakuc True RMS Value 2055/2056R T.. When lo«5 cuiront is not a*foctod by the d»*1orbor\...
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    Spcifications MO DEL CATirMQV MM 0-60O.0A 1.5%rdg±5dgt(5/雔0Hz) .5%rdg±8dgt(4a-4C)0Hz) 6/60/600V Auto Ranging 1.3%rdg±4dgt(50/0Hz)...
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