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Catalogue excerpts

Küba Green Line Aircoolers The standard for basic refrigeration applications

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We are Kelvion – the new brand in Heat Exchange GEA Heat Exchangers has changed: another new standalone company has been created out of the former Heat Exchanger Division of the GEA Group AG. The name Kelvion is new, but we continue as global experts in heat exchange. As always, we remain committed to earning your trust. You’ll still recognize us. We continue to develop our products, manufacture them with precision and distribute globally. We continue to offer one of the world‘s largest heat exchanger product portfolios: Plate heat exchangers, shell & tube heat exchangers, finned tube heat exchangers,...

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The standard for basic refrigeration applications Type Designation Code 1 1 Model range designation 6 Number of rows deep

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Application benefits for contractors and operators Application examples ⊲ Cooling of packaged goods ⊲ Commercial refrigeration with low traffic ⊲ Supermarkets ⊲ Basic cooling applications the best Küba market SP cooler ever. The decisive factor in a refrigeration plant is the energy balance. We have radically redesigned the complete Küba market SP unit cooler by perfecting the interaction between individual components -- which enables significant increase in energy efficiency. Küba in this way sustainably counters constantly rising operating costs, while also consistently meeting increasingly...

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Maximum energy efficiency ⊲⊲ The Küba HFE® system combines the thermodynamic and fluid-dynamic interaction of the components with optimal fin structure and with newly developed heatexchanger design. The result is stable control action, even with minimal temperature differences. ⊲⊲ he Küba defrost system guarantees quick and energyT efficient defrosting after long cooling cycles. ⊲⊲ he system of motors with fan blades and full bell mouth T is optimized in aerodynamic design and are available with AC or EC technology. Simple installation Hygienic without a doubt ⊲⊲ he proven, rugged and sophisticated...

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Basic version Heat exchanger ⊲⊲ Aluminum, Sendzimir zinc-plated steel ⊲⊲ est quality powder coated edges thanks to B high-grade powder coating, RAL 9018 papyrus white ⊲⊲ Food-safe ⊲⊲ Smooth surfaces: Easy to clean ⊲⊲ Removable drip tray (hinged via Mounting Kit) ⊲⊲ Removable side panels ⊲⊲ Drip tray: additional integrated splash pan ⊲⊲ 3° inclined fan plate Tubular heater: Stainless steel Vapour-tight connections Mains voltage: 1/N/PE 230V 50/60Hz Wired ready to connect in junction box O ptimized tubular heater configurations ensure fast and even defrosting ⊲⊲ luminum heat pipes that ensure excellent...

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AC technology Draw-through axial fan Fan diameter: 230 (ESM Motor), 300, 350, 450 mm P ermissible motor ambient temperatures (50 Hz) SP23: -30°C up to +50°C | SP30: -40°C up to +50°C SP35: -40°C up to +55°C | SP45: -40°C up to +50°C SP45-51 to 74: -40°C up to +45°C Supply voltage: 1/N/PE 230V 50/60Hz Motor protection: Built-in thermal contact (inaccessible) SP45-51 bis 74: Built-in thermal contact (accessible) P rotection class: SP23: IP 54 | SP30-45: IP 44 Insulation class: SP23: B | SP30: B | SP35: F | SP45: F | SP45-51 to 74: F Fans hinged (except SP23) F an blade, wallring and mounted parts...

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Technical Data SPA (E) Küba market SP | Fin spacing 4 mm Type Cooling Rating Q0 at 50 Hz, DT1, R404 A surface SC1 Tube volume Connections Inlet Sound L WA Fans (Operational values at 50 Hz) Blade * Single injection ** Multiple injection *** Throw limit at 0.

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Technical data SPB (E) Küba market SP | Fin spacing 7 mm Type Cooling Rating Q0 at 50 Hz, DT1, R404 A surface SC2 Tube volume Connections Inlet Sound L WA Fans (Operational values at 50 Hz) Blade * Single injection ** Multiple injection *** Throw limit at 0.5 m/

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Dimensions, weights, electric defrost Küba market SP Type Weight (gross) The dimensions are only valid for the standard model design! Note the differences in dimension among versions and accessorie

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Dimensional drawings Küba market SP 11,5

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Motor - Variants V  1 .50 EC fans with fixed speeds SP 23: ESM motor with 2 speeds (standard) from SP 30: EC motor with fixed speed V  1.52 EC fan with controllable speed Controllable fan, 0 … 10 V, for Ø 300, 350, and 450 Casing - Variants V  3.09 Double-walled, insulated drip tray Prevents condensed water from forming on the bottom side of the pan, and it reduces the transfer of defrost heat into the cold rooms. The following dimensions are changed: Width B: +60 mm Height H: +30 mm Depth T: +30 mm Protection against corrosion V  6.01 Corrosion protection 1 Tubing: Copper Fins: Aluminum, epoxy-resin-coated...

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- VARIANTS - VARIANTS HOT-GAS COIL IN THE DRIP TRAY (CU) > CO,- DIRECT EXPANSION Hot-gas connection on both sides; copper up to 45 bar operating pressure HOT GAS IN HEAT EXCHANGER > CO,- DIRECT EXPANSION Hot gas circuit for coil, without up to 60 bar operating pressure non-return valve

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Accessories Küba Shut-Up ® (+ Adapter) The Shut-Up® optimises the defrosting procedure, especially in deep-freeze applications. Shut-Up® is suspended over the fan unit, closing the Air Cooler. Hot air cannot escape. Construction: High-tech microfiber, tearproof, UV-resistant, form- and temperature resistant, rot-proof, food-safe, washable at 30°C, chemical purification P Selection table & Dimensions: Type Küba Shut-Up® NOTE: Due to the additional external pressure, the air quantity and Air Cooler capacity change: With using Shut-Up®: Air volume reduces by 10% (-5% cooling capacity) 1 Shut-Up®...

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Example assembly Finned-tube heaters SPHR / SPHRZ For air coolers with draw-through fans. For conditioning of room air. ⊲ SPHR = Standard design ⊲ SPHRZ = Additional heater ⊲ SPHR + SPHRZ = Greater heating capacity Selection table, Technical data & Dimensions: Type SPHR 23 SPHR 30 SPHR 35 SPHR 45 SPHR + SPHR 23 Z SPHR + SPHR 30 Z SPHR + SPHR 35 Z SPHR + SPHR 45 Z Capacity Total NOTE: This unit is operated only when the air-cooler fans are in use, to prevent overheating of the ceiling of the cold room. Be sure to observe the relevant safety instructions. 1 SPHR/Z per

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