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In Asia including China and South East Asia, Oceania and

even the Middle East, KUBOTA is promoting its business

expansion by quickly responding to changes in the

market. For example, China is proceeding with industrial

mechanization made necessary by rapid economic

growth. In 1996, KUBOTA launched its combines in the

Chinese market and began local production of the

combines in Suzhou. In addition, KUBOTA has

constructed a new combine factory to enhance

production. KUBOTA has also established a distribution

company in Shanghai for mini excavators in order to

respond to the active promotion of social infrastructure

improvement in China. In Thailand, KUBOTA is

strengthening its sales operations for tractors, tillers, and

combines in response to the growth in agricultural

machinery demand. For the local production of engines

and agricultural machinery, KUBOTA has strengthened

production bases located in Thailand and Indonesia, while

opening offices in India and China in order to procure

parts that enhance cost competitiveness. Furthermore,

KUBOTA has initiated the supply of vertical type diesel

engines to the rapidly growing Chinese industrial and

construction machinery manufacturers. In the Middle

East, in which ductile iron pipes support the lifeline for

people, KUBOTA participated in the construction of

wastewater treatment facilities. In many countries and

areas, including Singapore and other South East Asian

countries in which KUBOTA's pumps are working at water

conveyance facilities, KUBOTA is contributing to food

production and infrastructure improvement.

■ Combine harvester

In China, where combines are operated for significantly longer

hours per day than in Japan, both the combine's high efficiency

and high endurance must be assured. KUBOTA combines already

have a good reputation for being "less trouble despite operation

over long periods". KUBOTA will respond to the growing demand

in China by producing combines locally with a high cost


■ Tractor

Demand for tractors is increasing as Thailand's economic growth

continues. KUBOTA anticipates expanding sales, based on

increasing brand recognition gained through the achievements of

KUBOTA tillers. KUBOTA tractors are also popular in Australia and

Korea where replacement demand for higher-graded machines

makes this another exciting prospective market for KUBOTA.

■ Mini excavator

KUBOTA mini-excavators were active on construction sites for the

Beijing Olympics. In China, demand for mini excavators is

expanding with urban development associated with the 2010

Shanghai World Expo and the suburban construction boom.

KUBOTA is steadily extending its sales reach by initiating sales

promotion activities including training sessions.

■ Engine

KUBOTA exports diesel generators to the world. It is also making

efforts to increase the sales of vertical type diesel engines to

Chinese construction and industrial machinery manufacturers.

Meanwhile, KUBOTA horizontal water-cooled diesel engines,

produced in Thailand and Indonesia and used as tiller engines,

enjoy a high market share in the South East Asian market.


Beijing Office

Kubota Agricultural Machinery (SUZHOU) Co., Ltd.-

(Manufacturing and sales of agricultural machinery such as combine harvesters, etc.)

Kubota Construction Machinery (SHANGHAI) Co., Ltd.-

(Sales of construction machinery)

Kubota Engine (SHANGHAI) Co., Ltd.

(Sales and after-sales service of engines)

Jiangsu Biaoxin Kubota Industrial Co., Ltd.

/lanufacturing and sales of cast steel products)

Tata Metaliks Kubota Pipes Ltd.

(Manufacturing and sales of ductile iron pipes

fittings and their accessories)

Dubai Branch

Kubota Agricultural Machinery India Pvt. Ltd.

(Sales such as tractors, combine harvesters

rice transplanters, and implements

■ Submerged membrane system

In Oman, the construction

plan for a large-scale

membrane-based sewage

treatment plant has

adopted this system. Since

the KUBOTA submerged

membrane system blocks

off parasites and Bacillus

coli, treated water can be

used for irrigation. In

addition, it was adopted for

use in a treatment plant

processing 20,000 tons of domestic wastewater per day on a 75,000

people basis in a high-grade resort which will be constructed on an

artificial island off the coast of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

Kubota Korea Co., Ltd.

(Sales of tractors, combine harvesters,

and rice transplanters)

Siam Kubota Tractor Co., Ltd.

(Manufacturing of tractors and implements)

Sime Kubota Sdn.Bhd.

(Sales of tillers, engines, and tractors)

Malaysia Branch

Singapore Branch

Kubota Vietnam Co., Ltd.

(Manufacturing and sales of

tractors and combine harvesters,

and their implements, etc.)

P.T Kubota Indonesia

(Manufacturing and sales of

small-scale diesel engines and

sales of ride-on cultivators)

P.T. Metec Semarang


manufacturing of

vending machines and

vending machine parts)

Shin Taiwan Agricultural

Machinery Co., Ltd.

(Sales of tractors, agricultural

machinery, general machinery,

construction machinery, and

agriculture-related products)

Kubota Agro-Industrial Machinery

Philippines, Inc.

(Sales of engines, tractors, tillers,

pumps, etc.)

The Siam Kubota Industry Co., Ltd.

(Manufacturing and sales of small-scale

diesel engines, and tillers

Sales of tractors, other agricultural

machinery, and construction machinery)

Kubota Tractor Australia Pty Ltd

(Sales of tractors, construction

machinery, engines, and

general machinery)

■ Large-scale pump system for service water

KUBOTA delivered 10 sets of double-suction centrifugal pumps to

a water treatment plant and service pump station through a

waterworks improvement project for Jakarta, Indonesia. Indonesia

has been suffering from chronic water shortages caused by sharp

seasonal variations in precipitation and falling groundwater levels

resulting from excessive well-digging. Accordingly, improvements

of service water facilities have been an urgent challenge to public


■ Ductile iron pipe

In the Arabian Gulf nations, KUBOTA ductile iron pipes are used as

mains for transferring desalinated water from the coastal

desalination plants to the cities. These pipes are adopted, for

example, for the mains over the entire 60 km length to Doha, Qatar,

140 km to Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, and 100 km to

Kuwait City.


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