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1316.025/01-10 / 02/09 / Subject to technical modification without prior notice / © KSB Aktiengesellschaft 2009
RPH – Heavy-duty OH2 process pump
to ISO 13709 / API 610
S1, S5, S6, S8, C6, A8, D1, D2 and special materials
1 Low maintenance costs
n Customized balancing system depending on the duty point markedly reduces axial forces, and increases
bearing life.
n Double volute (DN 80 and above) reduces radial
thrust and prevents shaft deflection, considerably
reducing the loads on bearings and mechanical seal.
.2 Long service life of the mechanical seal
aximum shaft diameter as allowed per API 610 for low shaft deflection and reduced vibrations.
.3 Reduced operating costs
ith more than 70 hydraulics, always the best selection to API for a better efficiency.
.4 High flexibility
The pump flanges are available for all common
pipelines because they are built to all standards
up to PN 100 / ASME Class 600.
.5 Long service life and reliability of bearings
n Heavy-duty 40¢ª angular contact thrust bearing
exceeding the API requirements.
n Lubrication per oil bath, oil mist or oil purge.
6 No cooling water circuit required
When fluid temperature and ambient temperature are high,
the steel bearing bracket with integrated cooling fins and the optional fan impeller protect the unit from overheating.
7 Easy to service
echanical seals as per ISO 24109 / API 682 in cartridge design for easy installation and removal.
Technical data:
Pump size:
DN 25-400
Max. flow rate:
4,800 m3/h / 21,134 US gpm
Max. head:
285 m / 935 ft
Max. discharge pressure:
51 bar / 740 psi
Max. fluid temperature:
-70 ¢ªC to +450 ¢ªC / -94 ¢ªF to +842 ¢ªF
Max. speed:
3,500 min-1

RPH – Heavy-duty OH2 process pump
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