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WHAT IS REFRACTOMETRY? You’ve lost the key to your locker in the swimming pool. You spot it lying on the bottom of the shallow part of the pool, reach in to take it – and your hand misses. The refraction of light at the boundary of two different materials can be explained as easily as that. If the swimming pool was filled with salt water, the image of the key would have been shifted even more. Light moves at different speeds in materials of different densities. In a vacuum, it reaches 299 792 458 m/s, however in water “only” 225 000 000 m/s. If a ray of light with a defined wavelength strikes...

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A.KRÜSS OPTRONIC REFRACTOMETERS DR6000 Series Digital Refractometers Accessories only for the DR6000 Series Digital Abbe Refractometer Analogue Abbe Refractometer Process Refractometers Bypass Process Refractometers Digital Hand-held Refractometers Hand-held Refractometers Refractometer Accessories Precision Instruments „made in Germany“ For over 200 years A.KRÜSS Optronic has been famous worldwide for innovative optic-electronic measuring instruments of the highest precision. As the oldest company in this field, our target is to develop instruments which set new standards. With our products we...

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DR6000 SERIES | DIGITAL REFRACTOMETERS Versatile and powerful! Digital laboratory refractometers from A. Krüss Optronic are setting new benchmarks on many counts. An intuitive touchscreen presents a clear overview of all data and functions and the integrated SQL database stores all data and allows external access via a network or standalone PC. The refractive index is a parameter in quantitative or qualitative analysis and quality assurance. Degrees of polymerisation can also often be monitored frequently, quickly and cost-efficiently without turbidity or the colour of the sample affecting measurement...

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Main measuring display This is where the measurement is carried out and the results as well as the important parameters are displayed. • Measured value: refractive index, %Brix, user-defined unit • Target and actual temperature • Temperature compensation • Status information Mode and method menu In the mode menu any user can adjust settings. • Single or interval measurements • Mark measurements as QC measurements • Define sample numbers Where the user administration function has been activated, only administrators can make changes in the method menu. • Target temperature • Temperature compensation...

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Specifications Model / Article-No. Common Specifications Measurement modes Single, Interval Preset standard scales: Refractive Index [nD], %Brix saccharose, inverted sugar, glucose, fructose, Temperature compensated [nD], Temperature compensated [%Brix]. User defined scales can be initialised. Automatic (menu-driven), manufacturer´s calibration with up to 30 sampling points, user defined 1-point-calibration Calibration Measurement time RS-232 (printer) USB (data export, firmware updates) Ethernet (LIMS, remote monitoring) Working voltage Protection class Temperature measurement Temperature resolution Temperature...

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F-Model: with flow cell The flow cell is a variation of the DR6000 series and is indicated by the suffix “F” (e.g. -F, -TF). It consists of a measuring cell cover fixed with robust stainless steel brackets over the prism, with two tubes for inflow and outflow. All parts that come into contact with the sample (tubes and measuring cell cover) are made of PTFE (Teflon). Combined with the sapphire prism equipped with a Peltier thermostat, precise and stable temperature control is assured. The UNF-thread hose coupling is made of PEEK. The flow cell allows the unit to run in automated mode using a peristaltic...

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AR | ABBE REFRACTOMETERS The modern classic! The Abbe refractometer was developed in 1869 by Ernst Abbe and is used to determine the refractive index otherwise known as the index of refraction. It is based on the principle of total reflection which occurs at the boundary between the prism and the sample. The refractive index of the prism determines the upper limit of the measurement range, as it always has to be greater than that of the sample. With the AR Series, Krüss has two models of the Abbe refractometer in its range. These are easy to use and require only a small sample volume. These devices...

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AR2008 | DIGITAL ABBE REFRACTOMETER Specifications The digital Abbe refractometer AR2008 has an electronic data processing system. The refractive index or Brix value is shown on an LCD display together with the temperature. A serial interface allows measured values with date and time to be transferred directly to the PC or printer. An automatic temperature compensation feature is optionally selectable. The AR2008 has a thermostat connection for prisms and a built-in light source (589 nm) for the measuring prism. The AR2008 is extremely sturdy and is ideally suited for use in a harsh environment....

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PR | PROCESS REFRACTOMETER Complete quality control! Process refractometers are built directly into pipework and boilers or operated in the bypass. They are ideal for process monitoring, control and product separation in a variety of industries (chemicals, beverages, food and sugar). Determination of mixing ratios, quality and quantity inspection in the following industries: • Beverages • Food • Sugar/sweeteners • Chemicals • Flavours • Petrochemicals • Cosmetics / hygiene • Metalworking • Pharmaceuticals • Water / effluent • Education / research Why use Refractometers in pipelines? The monitoring...

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Specifictions Measurement mode Refractive index [nD], Sugar content [%Brix], User defined [%] Stainless steel, Cast aluminium, powder-coated Analogue 0/4-20 mA, Ethernet, PROFIBUS (optional) Measurement interval Temp. sensor Temp. measurement Temp. resolution Temp. measurement accuracy Protection class Temp. compensation ICUMSA, arbitrary Working voltage Process temperature Ambient temperature PRB21 | BYPASS PROCESS REFRACTOMETER The bypass process refractometer PRB21 fills the gap between the DR6000 series of digital laboratory refractometers and the process refractometer PR21. The sample is...

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