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Catalogue excerpts


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A.KRÜSS OPTRONIC – CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY, MADE IN GERMANY A.KRÜSS Optronic is a leading manufacturer of highprecision optoelectronic measuring devices and analytical instruments. The family enterprise founded in 1796 offers an extensive range of products and customised solutions for quality assurance in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industry as well as for research and science. We also offer a wide variety of products for professional gemology. Whether it is a refractometer, polarimeter, density meter, gas analyser, flame photometer, melting point meter or microscope...

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FEATURES AND TECHNICAL DATA 14 A.KRUSS Optronic fully automatic data acquisition Andres Kruss's daughter, Martina Kruss-Leibrock, to take over the A.KRUSS Optronic GmbH. Martina Kruss-Leibrock, Karin Leibrock, innovative mid-sized A.KRUSS Optronic in this sector to offer analytical instruments A.KRUSS Optronic series that are still the fastest polarimeters A.KRUSS Optronic puts a flame photo- simultaneous high- precision measure- digital devices from A.KRUSS Optronic fied environmental management system A.KRUSS Optronic density meters Thomas Schmauck together with Karin A.KRUSS Optronic A.KRUSS...

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MODIFIED ATMOSPHERE PACKAGING In order to be successful on the market, manufacturers of sensitive or perishable products must be able to guarantee first-class quality over a long period of time. This applies, in particular, to the food industry but also the electronics, pharmaceutical or cosmetics industry. Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) plays a decisive role in this. Typical protective gases are nitrogen (N²), carbon dioxide (CO²) and oxygen (O²) as well as a mixture of these gases. These are natural components of the ambient air but in modified concentrations that need to be checked. In...

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THE GAS ANALYSERS OF THE MAT1000 SERIES Quality assurance and ever increasing consumer requirements make it necessary to control modified atmosphere packaging on a regular basis. Gas analysers must deliver fast, reliable measurement results and be easily integrated into the work process – just like our devices from the MAT1000 series. They are used by many companies for the quality inspection in the lab but also at the production line if sensitive or perishable products are filled or packaged. Our Modified Atmosphere Testers (MAT) are suitable for both the random sampling and the permanent monitoring...

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INDIVIDUAL SOLUTIONS FOR ANY MODIFIED ATMOSPHERE In order to meet the different requirements on the quality control of protective gas packaging, we offer four types of gas analysers that are fitted with different sensors and measuring cells. THE REASONABLY PRICED ENTRY-LEVEL MODEL FOR SAMPLE CHECKS THE ECONOMICAL SOLUTION FOR O² AND CO² MEASUREMENTS The MAT1100 is the right choice whenever you only need to be concerned with the oxygen concentration or whenever only nitrogen is used. Its electrochemical oxygen cell (EC) measures within the range of 0.5 and 35 volume per cent and with an accuracy...

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MIN/MAX DETECTION In case of single measurements of oxygen concentrations, our models MAT1400 and MAT MAT1500 will achieve highly precise results even if only a small sample volume is available. This is ensured by their short measurement period, the so-called t90 time, in combination with the min/max detection, where in each case only the lowest or highest measured value is evaluated. Therefore, the additional taking in of ambient air after the sample volume has been consumed does not pose a problem. 7

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OVERVIEW OF OUR GAS ANALYSERS AND SENSORS MAT1100 Sporadic O² sample check High sample throughput High sample throughput High O² concentration Combined O² and CO² measurement Cost-effective option Cost-effective option Wide measurement range High precision with the lowest O² concentrations Wide measurement range Low drift Fast measurement High precision with the lowest O² concentrations Long service life Fast measurement Fast operational readiness Long service life ZrO²: drift-free, NDIR: low drift Environmentally compensated CO² measurement O² SENSOR Environmentally compensated CO² measurement...

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CO² NON-DISPERSIVE INFRARED SENSOR (NDIR) FLOW RATE MONITORING AND TEMPERATURE CONTROL From poultry with skin to cut cheese to cake and pastries – the non-dispersive infrared sensor with its wide measurement range between 0 and 50 volume per cent is suitable for most applications of carbon dioxide in modified atmospheres. Its high accuracy of ±0.5 volume per cent always ensures precise measurement results. The NDIR sensor operates according to a patented process that uses two wavelengths of the infrared spectrum in order to automatically compensate for temperature, humidity and other environmental...

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EASY, INTUITIVE OPERATION FOR MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY The gas analysers of the MAT1000 series feature a selfexplanatory, well-arranged user interface. A state-of-the-art TFT display ensures a clear, bright visual representation of all the information. The integrated touch-screen allows even non-expert personnel to intuitively and thus quickly operate the device. Once the measurement is started, the sample is drawn in, and the display shows the measured values for oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen as well as the air pressure, the gas flow and – depending on the model – the temperature of the measuring...

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INTELLIGENT USER ADMINISTRATION • Two authorisation levels • Can be activated or deactivated depending on the requirements • Optional setup of user profiles • Differentiations with the help of user-defined colour schemes • Customised settings for different users or work groups COMPLETE DOCUMENTATION OF MEASURED VALUES • Integrated measured data storage: complete recording of all measured data as well as system or method settings • Consecutive numbering of the measurements • Documentation of all measured values of the last 999 measurements CUSTOMISE YOUR RESULT REPORTS • Customisable result table...

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