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Thank you very much for reading our product overview. I am optimistic that you will find solutions that support you in your research and QC. Learn about ADVANCE, our innovative software platform covering all our methods for contact angle, surface and interfacial tension as well as foam analysis. Have a look at our versatile instruments with their large portfolio of accessories. Get acquainted with our new Surface Roughness Analyzer – SRA, which completes the picture of the surface of solid materials. Over and above that, we are proud to introduce our new Bubble Pressure Tensiometer – BPT...

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3 EDITORIAL 6 METHOD OVERVIEW 8 SOFTWARE 10 DROP SHAPE    ■ 12    Mobile Surface Analyzer - MSA Large Surface Analyzer - LSA 13 Drop Shape Analyzer - DSA100 14 Drop Shape Analyzer - DSA30 15 Drop Shape Analyzer - DSA25 16 Tilting tables 17 Measurement modules 18 Dosing units 20 Temperature control equipment 22    Top View Analyzer - TVA100 23 Drop Shape Analyzer - DSA30R 24 Drop Shape Analyzer - DSA100HP 25 Drop Shape Analyzer - DSA High Temperature Force Tensiometer - K6 31    Bubble Pressure Tensiometer - BP100 Drop Volume Tensiometer - DVT50 32    Bubble Pressure Tensiometer - BPT Mobile...

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Wilhelmy contact angle Contact angle using the wetting force of a liquid at a solid sample Spinning drop IFT Interfacial tension using the diameter or curvature of a drop of a light phase inside a heavy phase in a rotating capillary Sorption Contact angle between a liquid and porous material using the capillary force Ring SFT Surface tension using the tensile force of a lamella underneath a ring Ring IFT Interfacial tension using the tensile force of a lamella underneath or above a ring Solid density Density determination of a solid using the buoyancy of the sample immersed in a liquid...

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Drop Shape Sessile drop Roll-off measurement Contact angle of a drop on a solid surface Roll-off behavior and advancing/receding contact angle of a drop on a tilted surface Double sessile drop Surface free energy Contact angles of two drops dosed in parallel Surface free energy of a solid using contact angle data Sessile drop mapping Pendant drop Automated position-dependent contact angle measurement and evaluation Surface or interfacial tension using the curvature of a drop or bubble at the tip of a needle Sessile drop top view analysis Oscillating pendant drop Contact angle of a drop...

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THE SOFTWARE THAT BRINGS OUR INSTRUMENTS TO LIFE ADVANCE is our innovative software which maximizes the performance and versatility of our instruments. Users of ADVANCE especially benefit from its outstanding functionality and its new standards in intuitive operability. By clearly organizing the context-relevant functions in tiles and avoiding menus and pop-ups, ADVANCE eliminates unnecessary clicks and time-consuming searches for hidden elements. Easy-to-create automation programs make analyses repeatable and results user-independent. All modules can also be used in the ADVANCE Touch mode...

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ADVANCE – AN INSIGHT FOR DIFFERENT INSTRUMENTS With our Liquid Needle dosing unit, ADVANCE displays and analyzes two dispensed drops in parallel. When controlling a fully automated measurement a surface free energy determination is carried out within a second. ADVANCE uses automated axes of our Drop Shape Analyzers to provide a position-dependent evaluation (Mapping) of a sample’s wettability. The intuively programmed position map results in a contour plot, which clearly displays the effect of a plasma treatment along the diameter. With our Spinning Drop Tensiometer – SDT, ADVANCE analyzes...

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Measuring surface free energy in a second with only one click Our innovative Mobile Surface Analyzer - MSA measures surface free energy with two liquids and fully automatically using our new "One-Click SFE” method. The MSA doses two parallel drops with one click, followed by the direct analysis of the contact angles and the derived results of the surface free energy. All steps are automated and happen within a second. The results enable well-founded statements about wettability by aqueous or organic liquids. The MSA supports you in your quality assurance in the pre-treatment and coating...

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Drop Shape DROP SHAPE ANALYZER - DSA100 KRUS5 The universal, high-quality instrument for analyzing wetting and coating processes Our Drop Shape Analyzer - DSA100 is our high-quality system solution for almost all tasks in the analysis of wetting and adhesion on solid surfaces. From the basic unit for precise measurement of the contact angle to the fully automatic expert instrument for series measurement of surface free energy (SFE), we have the suitable DSA100 for your special requirements. With our modular product philosophy, we are able to exactly match our instruments and accessories to...

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Measuring methods and options ■ Contact angle between a liquid and a solid ■ Surface free energy from contact angles of several test liquids using all common models ■ Static contact angle, advancing angle, and receding angle ■ Measurement of surface tension and liquid-liquid interfacial tension using the Pendant Drop method ■Measurements on inclined surfaces ■ Temperature-controlled measurements from -30 to 400 °C ■ Measurements at controlled humidity ■ Interfacial rheological measurements (elasticity and viscosity) Contact angle measurement in quality control Our Drop Shape Analyzer -...

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Drop Shape DROP SHAPE ANALYZER - DSA25 The basic instrument for wetting investigations Our Drop Shape Analyzer - DSA25 is an easy-to-use, reliable instrument for measuring contact angle. From a simple wetting test to the accurate measurement of surface free energy (SFE), the robust instrument provides flexible options for analyzing wetting and adhesion on solid surfaces. Its rapid, manual operation makes our DSA25 outstandingly suitable for occasional wetting measurements with changing tasks and sample types. Drop Shape Analyzer - DSA25E (Expert configuration) Measuring methods and options...

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