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Catalogue excerpts

QUALITY HOMOGENISING STERILE CONTAINED POOR OF GERMS superior product quality long product life for on the sheif products balanced shear force for sensitive components reproducible viscosities suitable for low to high viscosity products control of the product flow in the vessel (UP/DOWN) easy pov/der dissolving no product losses as no circulation loop is required

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Mixing & Homogenising The Krieger MOLTO MAT is a standard when it comes to manu- The overall cGMP design and many powerful integrated CIP/ SIP systems, make the Molto Matt the chosen machine by major pharmaceutical companies around the globe for their sterile applications MMD 500 for the production of a sterile wound Main Features: • Counter rotating mixing elements and gear box with the famous integrated (rotating) CIP/SIP system. • Double mechanical seals coolable by a sterile liquid • Gamp IV Siemens or Allen Bradley software concept • integrated automatic CIP/SIP of all utility pipes with...

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Mixing & Homogenising Krieger's mixing and homogenising system for contained applications is -state-of-the-art" techno- logy that is widely used by major pharmaceutical companies around the globe for: ophtalmic viscoelastics orthopedic viscosupplements 500 liters homogenisatlon system with high speed Z blade, near to the wall scraper and CIP/SIP mechanical seal containment All of these products require processes with enhanced mixing functions, heating/cooling operations and CIP/SIP cycles with one stringent requirement: CONTAINMENT i.e. : creating a pure environment for the process chamber, where...

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SWISS QUALITY HOMOGENISING The powerful C- TF homogeniser enables fast and easy disper- sing, emulsifying and homogenising of the introduced phases and the entire product batch without the necessity of a recir- culation loop. As such product losses are minimised and the cleaning and sanitisation cycle is substantially more efficient. A special characteristic is the balanced shear force of the homogeniser that makes it difficult to damage batches due to over homogenising and safeguards valuable share sensitive The Molto MAT and the K- mix range have been executed with the new C- TF homogeniser...

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